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    League cup proposal

    I've just stolen this from a comment elsewhere, but what do you think?

    "I'd... say that the clubs playing in Europe should be required to name a certain number of U21s in their starting eleven throughout the tournament. It'd give the managers a nice excuse if they were ever accused of fielding a weakened team, and open up the possibility of one of the smaller clubs have a crack at some silverware. I'm sure Ferguson and Wenger wouldn't mind fielding a minimum of six youngsters, or something like that"

    Which would mean clubs fighting relegation are more likely (not completely, but more likely) to field strong teams as they've got a genuine chance at it. Do you think that would work to appease whiney managers - and fans! - and bring the competitive edge back?

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    • As for the prize money - the googling was an interesting exercise:
      EPL - The EPL pays £800k per place. IE £16m to the champions(from the dailymail sport section)

      CL - In 2010-11 Utd lost the final and got 53m Euros. (see WIKI for UEFA Champions league)

      FA cup - can't find a definitive but the FA Cup Wiki for 2011 shows the round values. I had read that the final was £2m and this seems to back that up - so all in all what - £8m for winning (with TV rights etc)? The chorleyfc site (!) tends to back that up

      Carling Cup - £100,000 winner, £50,000 runner up (refer: WIKI for Football League cup)

      Europa League - 3m Euros for winning (plus group games and TV rights) (refer: WIKI Europa League)

      So, you can see what pressure there is on staying in the EPL. Even at 20th you get £800,000, 10th is £8m. So if you were a manager, would you risk dropping a place or two just to achieve the FA Cup - and then gamble there is that you have to win the FA cup to even get a reasonable amount. OK - like most teams if you put out a 'squad' team and they do well in the early stages, then you can always change the team if you get close to the bigger money slots.

      As for the CC - well, the least said the better. OK, it's a cup, but I wouldn't see Levy pressing 'arry to put out his best squad to try to win £100,000.

      Again, I simply repeat, with clubs costing more and more to run (an FA cup run wouldn't even pay a top players salary for a year - Ade's on what? £160,000*52 = £8m+) - the onus has to be on what competition pays the money to keep the club afloat.

      Fans think with their hearts and want to see trophies and titles. The clubs want that obviously as well, but not at the cost of losing out on a revenue stream.

      I don't like that any more than anyone else, but that is simply a financial fact.

    • No, not for me. It should be up to the club to decide which competitions they want to try for. It shouldn't be semi forced by the organising body.

      Maybe making the competition 'level'? IE get rid of some of the seeding and get the top clubs to start earlier in the competition?

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      • But hasn't allowing clubs to decide which competitions they want to try for actually devalued those competitions John? The domestic cups used to be much more prized than they are currently, especially as we know that the "big" clubs don't really give a fig about the League Cup and FA Cup because they're more concerned with winning the PL and/or ensuring CL footie.

        Even the Ropey League has lost its glamour by comparison. I've long said that it's unfair to allow the CL drop-outs to join in the ko rounds (which I'm sure is to ensure they still have a good income) and unfortunately if one of those clubs then goes on to win it at they do so at the expense of those who qualified for it outright. Hardly an incentive - and I say it with a bit of sour grapes as I recall we lost to PSV in the 2nd ko round in 2007/8 precisely because they'd dropped out of the CL (with Gomes the hero for PSV in the penalty shoot-out!).

        Going back to the domestic cups, if you think of the excitement generated in the non-League/lower League clubs when drawing a PL side, while they might be content with playing a team comprising half a dozen U21s alongside regular first-teamers, they'd be less happy I'm sure if they ended up playing a complete team of reserves who otherwise wouldn't play in the PL. And, while it's not quite the same, 'Arry's put out a team of kids in the main for the Ropey League because obviously he's got one eye on the PL and aiming for a top 4 finish.

        The Goons put out pretty much a reserve team in the League Cup last night, while City, Chelsea, Blackburn and Liverpool had a balance of each. Even though it''s a trophy they might have won this season, IMO it speaks volumes about Whinger's lack of respect for the competition.