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  • What? Could we get another 2+ points on the Chavs?

    Whatever the performance mid week, I still don't see us getting anything but 3 pts against Bolton. AND with the Chavs currently looking like a scene from 3 Mile Island, I don't see them doing the same.
    Woolwich should get something at Wigan, bit I'm not so sure about Liverpool at Fulham.
    Could we come out of this weekend being 8pts ahead of Liverpool and still with a game in hand (I obviously rather have the 3pts than the game in hand - but what the heck)? That wouldn't be a bad thing a third of the way through the season.

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    • yes it was a really good view from there! i can see what tickets are pricey there.

      yes i should become a lilywhite member really to get more tickets & better games.

    • Mid lower East stand is my fav part of the ground. Tis a great football stadium must be said, with great acoustics and great supporters. Be a shame to see it go, but all in all will be great to see the surrounding area get the makeover it badly needs. Just hope the new stadium is as cosy and atmospheric as WHL. COYS

    • The Pool end their run - I wonder how they'll react? Now if we can get any result at Stoke (which IMHO should be more than possible) as it looks like Woolwich and Pool will both get something - and the Chavs play the Citeh (personally I prefer Citeh to stuff the Chavs) ...

      The Toons will find it hard at Norwich as well....

      Stoke (A) - 1pt
      Sunderland (H) - 3pts
      Chavs (H) - 3pts
      Norwich (A) - 1pt
      Swansea (A) - 1pt

      What do you think? Maybe 40pts by the end of Christmas with half the games played?

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      • went to my 1st home match of the season & what a game it was.

        we dominated, played some great stuff & should have scored 5 or 6 in the end. a rare clean sheet too which is important.

        loving the "kaboul, kaboul, kaboul is on fire" chant!

        not use to all these lucky ref decisions we are getting!
        no1 round me in the ground even thought their was a chance of a red. it was just a clear yellow for cahill. the sending off was a joke but happily a good joke for us!

        a few days before we get a pen & the other team get a red for another bad ref decision. so thats 2 reds in a row in our favour wrongly given.

        stoke away is always going to be tough so i agree with john & would settle for a pt.

        good news with fulham beating pool. pool deserved to win but luckily fulham nicked it.

        arsenal keep winning easy which is never good to see!

        we have to support city against chelsea because we have no hope of finishing close to city whereas we have a chanceof finishing above chelsea.

        hansen says we will finish 3rd, id take 4th right now!

    • 'But Matty is a closet Spurs fan........'

      I knew there was a reason he was my favourite :)

      Agree John, Stoke will be difficult but, like you say, there seems to be that belief around the team now, a kind of winning mentality that I think has been lacking. Regardless, I just hope the team continues to stay focused.

      We have to be seeting our sights on 4th (3rd would be great) and I think we are in with a good shout. But its a long season yet and injuries, suspensions and, as you say, our next loss, will all be testing factors.

    • A win against Bolton is hugely important, so I'm hoping the team are focused and put on a good display. We are at home and in great form. So we SHOULD win. Which, of course, makes me nervous :S

      There are no easy games, cliche but true, so I'm praying they team are swtiched on and get the 6th win in a row. If our minds are elsewhere, for what ever reason, we could hit that banana skin.

      But I'm positive at the minute and predict a win. Hopefully a good performance too. I'll go with 3-0. Ade, VDV and Defoe (who will come off the bench - although he has a hell of a shout to deserve a start, I think Harry will go with VDV).

      Fingers crossed.