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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Dec 3, 2011 01:33 Flag

    What are the odds...

    Of 'Arry being next PL manager sacked? I'd say pretty low... The bookies say 16/1; higher than the odds of Martin Jol being next (20/1)! Don't get me wrong, I love BMJ, but the Fulham fans aren't so keen, and the only way Redders is off soon as Levy's choice is if the court case doesn't go his way, in which case it won't be a sacking, it'll be his contract getting cancelled.

    You reckon it's a ploy to get money off bitter southampton fans??

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    • Court case aside, he has to be the safest Manager in the Prem outside Fergie. If Spurs suffered a catostrophic loss of form, Harry would still have enough kudos in the bank to ride it out.

      Moyes IMO should also be safe. No money to work with and still a tough team to beat plus maybe over achieving in recent years pound for pound.

      At the moment, great run, great entertainment.