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  • is Christmas Eve so..............
    I'd love to wish all yiddo's a very merry Xmas and hopeful for a terrific New Year. It will be if the results continue as they are.
    I'll even wish those who ridicule us at times on here a very happy Xmas too. Not so sure about the New Year, just hope for a healthy one for all will do I think.


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    • Good sentiments LTS.

      To all those on this board who have made and still make this an entertaining place to come. Thanks all.

      To everybody, everywhere (even that little Gooner on Outnumbered) .... here's to a very Merry Christmas and to (hopefully) a better 2012 for all.

      Ho Ho Ho

      I foresee a healthy mix of Maccam, Chav, Canary and Swan stuffing (lightly salted and heavily garnished with roast chestnuts - Delia's own recipe) over the Christmas period (washed down with a few pints of the finest Harvey's best) and maybe a bottle of port ...or two...)....

    • Merry Xmas bty and all fellow spurs supporters,..Hope we all get what we wish for ( max points over xmas ) and onwards and upwards in the new year...COYS...