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  • Layla Layla Dec 16, 2011 00:51 Flag


    i really like him. i thought he was right, they should have had 2 pens and we shud have had 2 reds.

    i just wish we got the luck in the stoke game & the bad luck in tonights game.

    we didnt deserve to go thru & would have got knocked out very quickly anyway with the team we put out.

    now lets send livermore, carroll, townsend, kane etc on loan.
    no point them just playing rubbish reserve team footie.

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    • Did the commentator say that - ie 2 pens?
      I'll have to review the incidences but I thought the Livermore 'challenge' was just outside the box. It looked a dodgy challenge to me as well. As for the Cudicini didn't the commentator rescind his comment a few seconds later when he realised that the ball had been touched on by the other Shamrock player, so the offside was valid?

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      • The Cudicini one he definately rescinded his comment after the replay as it touched the other Shamrock player, but the Livermore one I'm not sure about. Missed the incident.

        We knew before tonight we were going out in all likelyhood, so all focus on the league now, and a for me a must win game against Sunderalnd. No easy games but they have a new manager and have picked up their first win in a while against Blackburn, so they will be encouraged. We need this win in my book before we face an improving Chelsea side. Another game where I think we need to win if we want that 3rd or 4th slot.