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  • Joe Joe Dec 16, 2011 13:23 Flag


    How fast things change!

    Three weeks to a month ago I was looking forward to playing Sunderland and the Chavs, due to their form in comparison to our, We could have caused them some real problems.

    I agree, the Sunderland game is a must win, just to keep up, with ever improving competition around us.

    Jim Beglin- Maybe I was being a little unfair and on reflection he's there as the Irish representative, I just felt he was a little to quick to overstate the Shamrock case, maybe I was just being defensive of my beloved.

    I think Livermore's challenge was outside the box and was more 50-50, Shamrocks CF was all over him, I thought it was more of a running hug in. Carlo's 'foul' was on an offside player and yep, the commentator went back on what he'd said, so fair enough.

    I can see the benefit on some of those players going out on loan, but I'd keep Livermore and Rose. I though Rose looked a lot better at LB than he had previously and with our well documented CB issues I'd hold onto Livermore as he seems pretty comfortable there, well I'd play him over Bassong any day!

    Also I'd only send Townsend out to a top end championship/EPL side, I think he at least warrants that level.

    Lots of positives from the Shamrock game, shame a lot of those players will now be bit-part/bench warmers. A positive problem in many ways.