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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 16, 2011 03:27 Flag

    Spurs title contenders really????

    I would question that after spuds failed to qualify for the europa league. Give me one good reason why spuds can win the league yet alone be title contenders. More like tits contenders if you ask me hahahaha

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    • Come on Lubov, look at the boards and posts here. No one is saying we will win it. I don't know of many fans that think we will. What we are aiming for is 3rd or 4th.

      The reason we are being talked about as potential champions is because its close to halfway through the season and we are still in the mix. Because we are in that position the pundits HAVE to talk about us in that breath, because when they show the league tables there we are.

      Or is that reasonable and measured response wasted on a troll?

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      • Lubov- You must be getting warm, your getting roasted here! ha ha

        I just want to echo the comments already made, nobody here has been claiming we can win the league, there have been pundits and retired pro's making those suggestions, but your ex-goons have been guilty of as well.

        So I ask you Lubov- What makes you or any of you goons think the arse have a chance of winning the league?


    • But nobody did ask you did they - plank.

    • It's not just Spurs fans saying it Lubov. Although nobody is saying we will win it, nearly all the pundits put us in with our squad we have a good chance of being Champions. Most put us above United and Chelsea with City being most likely.