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  • Jonny P Jonny P Dec 19, 2011 19:03 Flag

    Thursday's Team...

    Any thoughts on what the team should be...

    Without Bale I'd go for...

    Walker - Ledders - Kaboul - BAE
    Sandro - Modric - Parker
    Gio - Adebayor - VdV

    With Bale I'd sub out Gio.

    With the squad and a 433 we could take off Vdv and another and throw on Kranjar & Defoe late on and switch to a 442.

    I hope we go for them as I think an early goal will ruin their confidence and we'll run them ragged.

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    • Good work on that prediction! Not a terrible result, but seeing as we've got such a good record against Chelsea and - when full or nearly full strength - our strengths are their weaknesses (speed etc), I'm disappointed by it.

      Oh, and Cole MoM? Do me a favour!

    • Good work on that prediction! Not a terrible result, but seeing as we've got such a good record against Chelsea and - when full or nearly full strength - our strengths are their weaknesses (speed etc), I'm disappointed by it.

    • if we play like out last 2 games then we will get beat which is why im going to go for a 1-1 draw which wouldnt be a bad result considering the injurys which makes us a lot weaker.

    • 2-1 to the Tottenham.
      T'Hudd to get one, BAE another and the final hat-trick by Adebayor.

    • When it was just the Lennon injury I was still feeling cautiously optimistic, which is about as optimistic as I ever get before a game.

      I just hope some of the reported injuries are inaccurate or exaggerated



    • Thats just the pre match Spurs pessimism feeling you are having Joe. Its normal and we all get it but we have more reason to be optimistic than normal.

      OK I might be setting myself up for an almighty fall if Spurs dont turn up on the night (we all know that can and has happened!) but if we play with confidence and one or two possible injuries are cleared up, we can win this IMO.

    • A huge shame!

      No Lennon, No Bale, Possibly no King/Defoe.

      I was feeling optomistic, I fear we will struggle with so many players missing!


    • Depending on fitness, I'd go with,


      Walker Kaboul King BAE

      Parker Sandro

      VDV Luka Bale


      I think playing two defensive/destructive mid-fielders will allow Walker and BAE to get forward, hopefully exposing Cashley and Invanovic/Bosingwa.

      (note on BAE, is his attacking game is getting better, or do I need to take off the rose tinted ones?)

      VDV,Luka and Bale can then create and terrorise behind Ade, I'd use Defoe as an impact player late on when JT's legs are gone, oh wait a minute they already have. VDV tends to looks knackered after 60-70 mins, which would suit the theory of Defoe's impact. If Bale is unfit then Niko played well enough against Shamrock to warrant a start.

      I agree with EEE, Niko, Pienaar, Gio, Townsend, Rose give us a lot of good quality options should the flying Welshman be injured.

      I'm cautiously optimistic for this game, I think the thought of being the best team in London this season will be hugely motivating for our boys!


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      • i like all the team choices , i think that shows our terrific options in the squad.
        townsend looked great against shamrock and in the europa league but i wouldnt start him. in theory the impact players we can bring on is amazing, townsend,gio,defoe all bring pace . niko and piennar bring trickery and stregnth and then we have livermore and sandro to really make the midfield soild.

        my team
        charlie ,king,kaboul,BEA
        defoe , ade

        if defoe is out then vdv to start , i really like rambros idea of walker pushing up. he really got at sunderland and we saw his goal at the arse so he can shoot and score.

        again i think its pace which is the key to winning , chelsea can be slow and very narrow. if we can get at them with lightening pace then i see yellow cards coming and some real pressure. i like the thought of sandro and parker but i feel that would mean taking away from the attack and would mean we will sit back to much. so i wouldnt go with that until we are 3 nil up lol

    • people on here putting Corluka in the team!!!!!!.....come on, be serious please!!!

    • I think we should try and recreate our team with direct replacements for Bale and Lennon. They, obviously, won't be as good but it will put the balance back in the team, something that was missing on Sunday.
      I wanted to put Livermore( instead of Sandro ) in at RM but felt with 2 young players on the right they might get shown up.
      If we end up trailing or just need to spice it up then revert to 4-3-3/4-3-1-2. Bring Daffy on for Rose/Livermore and drop VdV behind him and Adebayor
      If Bale is fit, replace Rose and hope the Welsh wizard can supply all the crosses we need by himself.
      Then take Sandro and go to 4-3-3/4-3-1-2 with Daffy
      Not that different, but not Gio, please not Gio...

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      • it was mentioned on another thread and is defo worth thinking about using walker in place of lennon. i really like this idea and if bale is fit then it gives us two lightening quick wide men. we could use either charlie,kaboul or gallas as rb cover depending if ledders is fit.

        i think cole would sh1t himself seeing walker and bale swapping wings.

        also this means leaving modders and parker in the middle where they are best. modders is so much better through the middle and i would rather see him drive at the heart of chelsea then see him tangle with ivanovic or cole.