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  • Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Dec 19, 2011 20:11 Flag

    Thursday's Team...

    I think we should try and recreate our team with direct replacements for Bale and Lennon. They, obviously, won't be as good but it will put the balance back in the team, something that was missing on Sunday.
    I wanted to put Livermore( instead of Sandro ) in at RM but felt with 2 young players on the right they might get shown up.
    If we end up trailing or just need to spice it up then revert to 4-3-3/4-3-1-2. Bring Daffy on for Rose/Livermore and drop VdV behind him and Adebayor
    If Bale is fit, replace Rose and hope the Welsh wizard can supply all the crosses we need by himself.
    Then take Sandro and go to 4-3-3/4-3-1-2 with Daffy
    Not that different, but not Gio, please not Gio...

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    • it was mentioned on another thread and is defo worth thinking about using walker in place of lennon. i really like this idea and if bale is fit then it gives us two lightening quick wide men. we could use either charlie,kaboul or gallas as rb cover depending if ledders is fit.

      i think cole would sh1t himself seeing walker and bale swapping wings.

      also this means leaving modders and parker in the middle where they are best. modders is so much better through the middle and i would rather see him drive at the heart of chelsea then see him tangle with ivanovic or cole.