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  • Hi Beni, I think that will depend on Harry and whether he continues to give Bale free range to play where he wants.
    But if he allows him to do that he is capable of 20. Just hope he doesn't play with blinkers and sees his team mates when they're in a better position.
    All the best for 2012 Beni.

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    • Have you seen thagt apparently 'Arry's technical direction to Bale and VDV before that match was "go out and play where & how you want to play"?? Well, it did the job...

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      • 'Arry's certainly not a tactical genius, but giving a player free reign to wander is fine for a player like Bale, but when you start letting more than one roam, then Im not sure it's a good thing. Adebayor already pop's up all over the place, and IMO often get's in the way, and just lately Parker has been pushing up more and I think he's been less effective, so if 'Arry wants them to play off the cuff football, thats fine while they have so much confidence and getting results, but I worry if we have a blip whether the players can revert to type..just my thoughts.

    • true lts , i think against the lower teams why not give him and vdv the freedom to flow. that centre 3 of sandro,parker and modric look solid and realy are doing the business. so bale can swap sides of the pitch and go central if the game allows.

      i would like to see him play more orthordox left against the bigger teams for cover out wide but im sure arry knows that.

      happy new year lts ,all the best .