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  • john john Dec 30, 2011 10:09 Flag

    bales stats

    'Arry's certainly not a tactical genius, but giving a player free reign to wander is fine for a player like Bale, but when you start letting more than one roam, then Im not sure it's a good thing. Adebayor already pop's up all over the place, and IMO often get's in the way, and just lately Parker has been pushing up more and I think he's been less effective, so if 'Arry wants them to play off the cuff football, thats fine while they have so much confidence and getting results, but I worry if we have a blip whether the players can revert to type..just my thoughts.

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    • i do like the free role but within reason & only against certain teams.
      i think it makes sense to have as an option whenever bale & or lennon are injured because we lose a winger & have no real replacement.

      did anyone read this stat about bales sprint from the halfway line for the 2nd goal against norwich,-
      his average speed was 17mph which is just 6mph slower than what usain bolt runs. but dont forget this is whilst having a ball at his feet!

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      • I think we have some brilliant coaches at the Lane, including Bond, Allen and Joe, and I don't think the players would be given a roving role if the coaches didn't make sure they were competent enough to cover in the various positions, I really don't think Harry has a lot to do with that side of things tactically, I think it's all down to the coaching team until the match gets going. In most cases it works...I like Bale having a burst through the middle, like dare I say, Messi? (There, I've said it!) Ade should be allowed to go looking if the ball isn't coming his way, as long as he uses his brain! Which brings me to Rafa...does he actually know what his main role is? He seems to get involved where he's not needed at times and needs that coaching out of him. Lennon is good when he cuts in from the left, predictable, but too fast for anyone to stop him - he really should get more goals. I like the way our CDs get out to cover for Kyle and Benoit when they go on their sorties, too. I think Modders should stay down the centre, playing box-to-box, and I too think Scotty sometimes gets a bit high, his job is to win the ball and lay it off, but still a superb part of team whatever! That's pretty much my view of how we are set up, and not forgetting Sandro who quietly goes about his business...he's not far off Dave Mackay's style! Also having Brad rather than Gomes and his antics has been invaluable...not bad for 40 years old, eh?

      • i think the free role is fine against the likes of norwich, no offense to them but we are strong enough to do that. but against the bigger teams i would like to see more formation and seeing players in there positions.

        bale with a free role to run anywhere is a frightening thought for any team, lots of teams double up on him like villa did, but if hes all over the pitch then its not so easy. that might just cause other teams problems. cant wait till tomorrows game to see if arry lets bale of the leash again.