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  • john john Dec 30, 2011 10:09 Flag

    bales stats

    'Arry's certainly not a tactical genius, but giving a player free reign to wander is fine for a player like Bale, but when you start letting more than one roam, then Im not sure it's a good thing. Adebayor already pop's up all over the place, and IMO often get's in the way, and just lately Parker has been pushing up more and I think he's been less effective, so if 'Arry wants them to play off the cuff football, thats fine while they have so much confidence and getting results, but I worry if we have a blip whether the players can revert to type..just my thoughts.

    • i do like the free role but within reason & only against certain teams.
      i think it makes sense to have as an option whenever bale & or lennon are injured because we lose a winger & have no real replacement.

      did anyone read this stat about bales sprint from the halfway line for the 2nd goal against norwich,-
      his average speed was 17mph which is just 6mph slower than what usain bolt runs. but dont forget this is whilst having a ball at his feet!