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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Dec 28, 2011 15:52 Flag

    bales stats

    did anyone see sky sports news today?? they were talking about bale after last nights game.

    last season in prem
    7 goals
    1 assit

    this season
    7 goals
    5 assits

    he has scored 22 goals since april 2010 , and didnt score in his first 66 games in which 34 he didnt win in.

    that shows such growth in a player and the value of him to us.
    i know recently hes been selfish and a little easy going down, but when we have a player whos growing and improving like this we have to keep hold of him and cut him a little slack.

    could we have found a 20 goal a season player in bale??

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    • I do rate vdV, Beni. I know he has a lot of skill and has been very valuable to us at times, but sometimes I think he seems too over-confident at times, and is a bit short of pace and stamina...really a 50 or 60 minute player. And in my opinion he needs to exercise a bit of discipline, and trust his team-mates in their own roles...he doesn't have to do everything. I like him in the hole as an attacking midfielder, and if he plays he should stick to that - it's what he does best! All this is opinion only though, and I do think he is relevant to our continued success this season!

    • good shout highroad, i really thinkit all depends on the opposition. parker getting forward and bale surging through the middle is fine for norwich etc but i think that against the big teams arry would make sure we ar more orthodox.

      the VDV thing is puzzling, he comes deep to get the ball ,taking it of parker or modders when really i would like to see him making a run creating space for ade etc.

      i do feel though that while he is helping the team to win i can put up with his premadonna antics. he has class and the ability to change the game in a second. his 40 yard past to ade was class and the reverse passes he slots through split defenses. so until his his class drys up and he is inafective then im happy he is a spur. i think rotating him with daffy will help remind him he isnt the only star in the team.

    • Hi Beni, I think that will depend on Harry and whether he continues to give Bale free range to play where he wants.
      But if he allows him to do that he is capable of 20. Just hope he doesn't play with blinkers and sees his team mates when they're in a better position.
      All the best for 2012 Beni.