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  • Layla Layla Dec 31, 2011 17:18 Flag

    average peformance v swans

    very average performance im afraid to say. swansea deserved at least a pt & were the better team. still its a decent pt & a bit of a reality check to the people who saying we can win the title.

    they pressured us much more & looked the better team. they stopped us creating much & vdv goal was out of the blue. i was very disapointed with the way we played after going 1-0 up. we just sat back & tryed to soak up the pressure without really trying to get the killer 2nd goal. u could see them scoring so i felt we needed a 2nd.

    ade was too isolated upfront which shows the prob with putting vdv in the team with him. vdv had a decent game & of course scored thanks to a deflection. i just feel this system means all our attacks have to be counter attacks from deep or 20 passes until we get support up to ade. i felt the swap with defoe should have been made a bit earlier because we needed a 2nd goal.

    i do feel as thou we sat back & just kind of hoped they wouldnt score. then when they did score, we were shocked & then suddenly had more urgency & started actually attacking them rather than sitting back. it was like we expected it to finish 1-0 despite all the pressure they were putting on us. i was disapointed from that aspect because this is the premiership, 1-0 is always a dodgy score.

    sandro was our best player & again showed what a top DM he is going to be. parker was good but sadly went off injured. ade was is usual self but like bale, vdv & modric, he was starved of possession & chances. walker did well against sinclair for most of the game. kaboul & gallas did a good jobs bar a few nervous moments. friedel i felt could have done better with their goal, he was a bit weak if u ask me. but we didnt sign friedel to make great saves, we got him not to make mistakes. ekotto did well going foward especially for our goal but again was pretty poor in stopping the cross for their goal. i just feel he has no urgency in stopping shots or crosses from outside the box. but apart from a couple of moments like did, he did have a decent game.

    swans put us under much more pressure than we did to them & in the end we can feel a bit fortunate to get out of their with a pt.
    so chin up. its an away pt. obviously them scoring late makes it feel like 2pts dropped but in truth its amazing we were in the lead for that long!

    pretty bad set of results with pool & arsenal narrowing our lead to just 5 & 3pts. good news is chelsea lost. always good to see a small team like blackburn win at old trafford, although that doesnt effect us.
    pool have got gerrard back & firing. arsenal have wilshire back soon who will improve them a lot. chelsea will probably buy some superstar to rekick their campaign. so its going to be a tough ask for us to get 4th. the players will have to keep their nerve & actually go for it, rather then hope it comes to them like they did today.

    but overall a great season so far & we have been far better than i thought we would be.

    let just not take our foot of the pedal like we did today.

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    • Thanks for the review SB and Sledge.
      We can't get it right every week and as H said the Swans have a very respectable home record, so i don't think, on reflection, that 1pt is too shabby.
      'Arry gets it right most of the time and is allowed to have a bad day tactically now and again, this isn't Italy!
      Anyway, have a good night and lets all hope Spurs continue to do well in 2012. Happy new year COYS

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      • im absolutly gutted that we didnt see out the game. fair play to swansea for really having a go at us , but to concede a goal like that is sickening.
        it makes it worse that the mancs lose and we could of really put pressure on them.

        i dont think we are in trouble spursbabe, im hoping that that was sarcasm and if it was no need to aim it at me. i do stand by that we need to win this game to keep up with the big boys, the fact we didnt doesnt end anything it just means we arnt as far up there as i would of liked.

        we cant afford any more slip ups against the teams in the lower half of the table. the games against everton and wba need to be wins.

        i dont think we where on the ball in the swans game but i do think they need some credit for taking the game to us.

        lets stay positive guys, 3rd and pushing for 2nd and we are being touted by all kinds of people as the best footballing side in the country. im sure that was the arse title and now we have it, just like there league position . surely these are good times.

    • I mentioned in an earlier thread that Swansea are no suckers at home, they've only lost one on their own turf so far. So it's a point picked up regardless of obvious disappointment, babe.

    • Have to agree with your analysis SB.

      Yet I really think Redknapp did badly in this game.
      It's obvious to see we're really missing Lennon, and 'Arry seems reluctant to either push Walker forward into that space with another defender behind him, or to give someone like Gio or Niko a go on the right.

      Today it was blatently obvious that our formation was lacking balance. And credit to Swansea they took full advantage and got the least they deserved with a draw.

      We were easily second best in the first half, and to be 1-0 up at half time was somewhat distorting the truth.
      Yet I did expect Redknapp to make a change to our formation for the second period. Or at least a change in tactics.
      He didn't, and we were completely outplayed in the second half!
      We sat back far too much and very rarely looked to attack them.
      We could not even keep the ball and pass it about like we have been recently.

      I can't fault any individual players, it was down to playing the wrong system, and that's HRs bit.
      We were too narrow when everyone knows our strengths is our wide play. If it was against a more clinical side, we would have been punished!

      Walker cannot be expected to take Lennons place and still be our Right Back on the day. He needs to have either someone in front, or behind in support. He didn't get that today.

      We did not deserve a win today, but a win was certainly there for the taking had we played a decent formation. Even without Lennon.

      I'mI am feeling somewhat miffed with 'Arry today! We were second best from the first minute and he did nothing to change it.
      Whereas against Stoke he changed things beautifully at the break and we would have won if we didn't have that Maggot Foy refereeing.

      A Missed opportunity today with ManUre and Chelski losing at home. And we gave Ar$e and Liverpool a bigger target for the New Year.
      A damn shame!

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      • agree 100% mr sledge!

        i didnt really point that out but your right. swans dominated from the off & harry should have changed things round.
        maybe the goal just before half time made him keep it how it was. but it would have taken a huge slice of luck to win 1-0 the way the swans were pretty much controlling things.

        very good manager is harry & we are lucky to have him.
        but 1 of my criticisims all along is he is very slow to change things when we are having problems. & sometimes like today, he never changes things round.

        for example the arsenal game in which they had all the play because we were outnumbered in the middle. it was crying out for sandro to come on but he left it far later than needed to bring him on.

        & sometimes vdv is basically knackered & can only walk, yet he still leaves it another 15-20mins till he brings defoe on for him.

    • i think the changes were bad........the whole midfield died when vdv and parker went out an the balls didn't get to defoe and adebayor


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      • well parker was a big miss when he went off. livermore just isnt in the same league as him. i dont think vdv coming off made any difference as swans had most of the ball even before then.

        we could have done with parker to help close the game out thou.

        anyway, we got more than we deserved so lets count our lucky stars.

    • beni said this after the norwich win,

      "looking forward to the swans game , think this will be a open and attacking game and one where we have to take 3 points again. we are in a great position and we need to put our foot down and beat all the lower teams"

      we did the exact opposite im afraid beni. & we did exactly what we feared we would do, take our foot off the pedal!

      u said we had to take 3pts. we didnt, we are in big trouble then!