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  • Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Dec 31, 2011 21:31 Flag

    average peformance v swans

    Thanks for the review SB and Sledge.
    We can't get it right every week and as H said the Swans have a very respectable home record, so i don't think, on reflection, that 1pt is too shabby.
    'Arry gets it right most of the time and is allowed to have a bad day tactically now and again, this isn't Italy!
    Anyway, have a good night and lets all hope Spurs continue to do well in 2012. Happy new year COYS

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    • im absolutly gutted that we didnt see out the game. fair play to swansea for really having a go at us , but to concede a goal like that is sickening.
      it makes it worse that the mancs lose and we could of really put pressure on them.

      i dont think we are in trouble spursbabe, im hoping that that was sarcasm and if it was no need to aim it at me. i do stand by that we need to win this game to keep up with the big boys, the fact we didnt doesnt end anything it just means we arnt as far up there as i would of liked.

      we cant afford any more slip ups against the teams in the lower half of the table. the games against everton and wba need to be wins.

      i dont think we where on the ball in the swans game but i do think they need some credit for taking the game to us.

      lets stay positive guys, 3rd and pushing for 2nd and we are being touted by all kinds of people as the best footballing side in the country. im sure that was the arse title and now we have it, just like there league position . surely these are good times.