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  • Layla Layla Jan 1, 2012 17:47 Flag

    what position would u settle for?

    im very interested in other spurs fans opinion of what position u would settle for now? (not u alan or fab lol.oh ok u can join in too if u want).

    obviously u could all say id settle for 1st if u could take any position u wanted lol. but there is a catch to balance this out, so we can get your genuine thoughts on what place u would settle for. because if u say 1st & then we finish 2nd, that means u would have to say u are disappointed because u wouldnt have settled for 2nd at the halfway stage.

    i heard harry say he would take 4th now after the swans game, so it sounds like he has his feet on the ground. shearer last night fancies us for 3rd.

    im suprised so many pundits & fans think we can seriously win the league. i know im negative but i honestly think 4th would be a great achivement.
    i personally would take 4th spot right now if it was offered for many reasons. key players injuried, bad run of form, other teams around us improving etc.

    i remember last yr some were saying we had a very good chance of the title & then that quickly changed to 3rd spot, & then 4th, but in the end we finished 5th!

    i guess we can safely say we can finish between 1-6th. with city,utd,arsenal,chelsea & pool being the other 5 teams.
    i think 3rd is there for the taking! & if we carry on like we have been then we will finish 3rd. but equally i can see us slowing down a bit & dropping a few more pts then we did in the 1st half of the season. im going to predict we finish either 4th or 5th. hopefully its 4th!
    what would u settle for?

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    • I'd settle to be above Arsenal...even 16th and they're 17th, I'd take it all day long ;)

    • Spursbabe...this is like Deal or No Deal! You've dealt at 4th place...but I'm ready for the question - and I'm going to say thank-you Mr Banker---NO DEAL!! I think one of the last blues has gone tonight and I think I've got another round left! (you have to be familiar with the show!)

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      • Interesting analogy, but you've made the classic DonD mistake; you think you've beaten the banker because you've got more reds than blues, but you've forgotten you're only half way through the game. You might have got rid of the lowest of both colour, but it's a long old way til 5pm.

        Anyway, I don't like this analogy cos in real life I'm a dabbling gambler (never big money, but a cheeky punt here and there), but on that show they're not 'brave', they're greedy. But I digress...

    • after another win in a difficult game i would say i would settle for 4th if we won the fa cup.

      but i know thats not the question so right now im gonna say settle 3rd . it was 4th at the start of the season and last week , but right now we are in a great position.

      exciting this season isnt it.

    • I love that answer John, and I'd 100% agree. In my heart of hearts I know I'd 'settle' for 4th, but I hate the idea of settling in anything that's about competition and passion. I don't believe we should get any lower than 3rd, I think that's where I expect us to finish.

      But if you flipped that question and asked me what team I don't hand on heart 100% believe we can beat on the day, the only one I would say is Man U because of our record of outplaying them & losing. Seeing as we've got them at home and their form's off, I'd say I thought we could/should draw with them. Winning all bar 1 of our remaining matches, which we'd draw, is champion's form in my book.

      But another but, similarly I can't say I hand on heart think we're in with a chance of winning the league. Not really. Not at this stage. So while I might 'settle' for 4th, the position I'd be really happy with is one higher than our current one. So at the moment 2nd, and if/when we're in 2nd then 1st, etc.

      I think we need to keep an eye on Chelsea, but I don't think they have the force necessary to really challenge; Arsenal are a one man team, and they can't keep relying on Van Persie, so it'll be interesting to watch them from a netural perspective (i.e. not ours!), but for them it'll depend on who they bring in this month. Liverpool scared me at the beginning of the season, but that quickly faded and I don't see them finishing higher than 6th.

      Little stat for you, we've only conceded 3 goals in our last 8 home games; we look like throwing it away sometimes, but I reckon it's all a ploy to lull the opponents into a false sense of security!

    • thats a much quicker way of putting in john. i think thats what i was getting at. if i was given the option of 4th or see what happens, id def grab 4th now!

    • I think the only reasonable target is to win as many points as we can and see where it gets us, and we are good enough to go for maximum points in every game. We won't get them, but neither will City or United. It's still a dream away, but the way results have gone this weekend, it's becoming a more vivid dream, and how often do we get the rest of the league saying that we're the team to beat? I think now we are at the stage where we should be thinking that a top four spot should be a spin-off from going for the title, not a target! Did anyone else hear SAF on Sky Sports News saying that he thinks we play the best football in the league? That is high praise indeed, and shows we are being taken seriously, so if neutrals can see it maybe it's time we started to dare to hope!

      Happy 2012 to all, and....COYS!!!

    • We have 19 games still to play and with the position we're in and the form we're producing i'd be a little disappointed if we didn't even push City or Utd a bit.
      Utd have some injury worries at the moment, especially at the back, and even though City don't have any injuries to worry about they do seem to have hit a drop in form/confidence. I know it's only the last few games but with LWWDL it's far from championship form of late.
      No-one below us has great form with Chelsea all over the place and Liverpool drawing far too much. It's only Arsenal that have been consistently chipping away at the gap.
      Anything could happen and i'd accept 4th, that's my head. My heart says go for broke and win the league, it's been a long time coming.

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      • yes E-E-E, i think keeping the key players fit will have a big bearing on where we finish. jan in & outs could have a big impact too.

        interesting trev. i do think pool & chelsea will improve & so will arsenal when wilshires back. hopefully RVP will get injured. i know its bad to wish an injury on someone, but im only asking for a minor injury that will keep him out for a couple of months which should be enough to open up a big enough gap between us!

        also our form is LWDWD. so 2 wins out of 5 isnt exactly title winning form either trev!

    • I believe if we can keep the king fit, have parker and sandro getting their even shares of games, ade staying fit and getting a better back up for him than pav in january, I think we can realistically look for finishing 2nd

    • I believe if we can keep the king fit, have parker and sandro getting their even shares of games, ade staying fit and getting a better back up for him than pav in january, I think we can realistically look for finishing 2nd