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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jan 3, 2012 22:26 Flag

    what position would u settle for?

    I love that answer John, and I'd 100% agree. In my heart of hearts I know I'd 'settle' for 4th, but I hate the idea of settling in anything that's about competition and passion. I don't believe we should get any lower than 3rd, I think that's where I expect us to finish.

    But if you flipped that question and asked me what team I don't hand on heart 100% believe we can beat on the day, the only one I would say is Man U because of our record of outplaying them & losing. Seeing as we've got them at home and their form's off, I'd say I thought we could/should draw with them. Winning all bar 1 of our remaining matches, which we'd draw, is champion's form in my book.

    But another but, similarly I can't say I hand on heart think we're in with a chance of winning the league. Not really. Not at this stage. So while I might 'settle' for 4th, the position I'd be really happy with is one higher than our current one. So at the moment 2nd, and if/when we're in 2nd then 1st, etc.

    I think we need to keep an eye on Chelsea, but I don't think they have the force necessary to really challenge; Arsenal are a one man team, and they can't keep relying on Van Persie, so it'll be interesting to watch them from a netural perspective (i.e. not ours!), but for them it'll depend on who they bring in this month. Liverpool scared me at the beginning of the season, but that quickly faded and I don't see them finishing higher than 6th.

    Little stat for you, we've only conceded 3 goals in our last 8 home games; we look like throwing it away sometimes, but I reckon it's all a ploy to lull the opponents into a false sense of security!