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  • Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Jan 1, 2012 18:52 Flag

    FA Cup Cheltenham

    Does anyone think 'Arry will continue to use young/squad players against Cheltenham in the FA Cup to save the 1st team players for the league?
    Is this right or do you believe this doesn't show enough respect for the oldest club cup competition?
    Or will he go all out to win the FA Cup and get into ECL in one season?
    Personally i think there's a certain magic surrounding the FA Cup and would like to see 'Arry go for it. Even if it could ruin our chances of finishing in the top 4........ that's a tough one. I've slagged off Ferguson before for fielding 'weaker' teams and now i'm having to review my opinions.
    How do you all feel?

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    • i would like to see a couple of lads play ie livermore , gio , pav and rose but i think the FA cup is something we should win. i would love to see the FA cup in our trophy cabinet.

      harry has to take this one serious , but against cheltenham i think we can risk a couple of the lads who have done well in europe and give pienarr and niko a run out to.