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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Jan 2, 2012 16:31 Flag

    team for WBA match

    patrix was talking about the team for wba game and it made me think.
    he says king to come in for kaboul and gallas , and i thought why? kaboul and gallas are doing a great job and imho are strong enough for wba and everton. this gives ledders a chance to get fully fit for man city .but then i thought should we play king to make sure of the win and see what happens against wba etc.

    anyway i think with injuries and players returning i would go for

    walker gallas kaboul bae
    niko/lennon sandro modric bale
    defoe ade.

    this team gives us the creativity and pace to break down wba. i would rest parker for the everton game giving him a well earned break and go upfront for the extra bite we need. bale and niko will drift across the pitch and bale also will drive at the centre. with ade and daffy taking defenders away from him.

    anyway what do u all think ? king or no king? niko or vdv? 1 upfront or 2 ?

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    • that last paragraph is a good one, to think we were frustrating and poor at times and looked shadow of the team who played norwich of the pitch. but when u sit back and look where we are and that we ground out a tough win and extend our unbeaten streak further its not a bad place to be.

      i would rather play sh1t all the rest of the season and secure 2nd or 3rd rather then play the football that has graced the lane with style,pace and glory and miss out.

      i think after these 3 tough games this rearranged game is massive. its been our little ace up the sleeve and we all look at the league and add 3 points cos of it. so i think the true test of our progress is beating everton and finaly showing we can live with the big boys.

    • Your commentary was far better than being at the game nbr.

      I've rarely been as frustrated watching us play this season as I was tonight. We were poor, if not dire! I was tempted to ring the club as ask who the imposters were on the pitch as I was expecting to see those who tore Norwich apart last week! There was no real desire and nobody seemed to want to get the ball forward - for a large part of the game the players were trying to decide where to put the ball. vdV gave no support to Walker on the right wing because he was either playing too deep or in the centre so Walker wasn't able to bomb forward as he does when Lennon plays; Bale was all over the pitch but never where he was supposed to be so poor old Benny had the same thing as Walker. I thought that when Sandro went off Kranjcar should have come on and played RW so that vdV could move into central MF with Luka.

      It wasn't until we scored that the Baggies decided to make a game of it and try and score themselves - they'd clearly come for the draw and would have been happy if it'd finished 0-0.

      Very unlucky to lose Sandro, Gallas and poor young Livermore (who I was worried about when he replaced Sandro but he actually did quite well). Kaboul's head must be made of cast iron as I believe Jake now has a broken nose!

      They now have a week to recover before the Everton game next Wednesday. I suspect 'Arry will play most of our second team in the Cheltenham game on Saturday - which sadly I feel is somewhat of an insult to Cheltenham and the FA Cup. But he could also give run-outs to Daws and Lennon to test their recovery from injury. So I expect to see Cudicini, Charlie, Daws, Bassong and Rose, Lennon, GDS or Pienaar (if not sold or loaned), Nico and Livermore with Pav and Defoe up front.

      So, somewhat disappointed with our performance, but hey look on the bright side - 3pts tonight means 5pts clear of the Chavs, 6pts clear of the Goons and a massive 8pts clear of the Scousers, and (until tomorrow at least) only 3pts behind Manure with a game in hand. I think I can sleep easy tonight ...

    • :D

      I know it's probably wrong on many levels, but I thoroughly enjoyed doing that!

    • i was nervous & shaking too!

      sometimes i wish i never got into football!

    • cor blimey NB, couldnt get a word in edgeways..I too felt your nervousness, yet again another poor 2nd half, but still winning "phew"..

    • Better than Yahoo's matchcast, NBR!

    • Hope this helped those of you who were unable to watch the game experience the ups and downs felt by those of us viewing

    • VdV again! What a defender!

      ... Run Bale! No Bale! Don't punch him Bale! Oh, he didn't, just pushed him.

      Could your West Brom man have been sent off for that? Not a clear goal scoring opportunity as such, and not dangerous, but cynical definitely, and unsporting...

      And that's a wrap! I can smell that second place, watch your back Fergie cos we're coming to get you!

    • 5 mins added time?! Oh my giddy aunt (again, technical term)

    • This is too bloomin close for comfort; the whole team appears to have the jitters. Take a few moments over this corner lads, catch your breath...

      (Don't worry, I can touch type so I'm not missing anything with these insightful updates)

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