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    3 points at what cost???

    Sandro, Gallas and Livermore all replaced through injury. Bale and Modric appearing to be carrying knocks. Not a good result in that respect.

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    • i know a little bit about piatti but only because he plays for my fave spanish team (valencia). he always looks neat & tidy and very comfortable on the ball. looks like 1 for the future.
      can't see him leaving valencia for us thou. also he will be more use to their culture & weather than ours.

      yes redmond is much better than townsend.he has got more guile & skill as well as a better final ball.

      townsend does look a prospect but i doubt he is going to be a top player like redmond has the potential to be.

      townsend, livermore etc all look decent & will improve but i dont think they will ever be good enough to be in our starting 11. squad players and back up players at best.

    • 3rd!

      SB, have you heard much more about Pablo Piatti?

      He's a young Argentine winger, he's played for Murcia in the past, I'm not too sure where he is at the moment, but from what I've read and seen he looks super tidy.

      I know that you have good euro knowledge, can you tell me any more?!

      Is Redmond that much better than Townsend? when Townsend played last year he was very good, hopefully we'll see what he offers in the championship whilst at Leeds.



    • again i 2nd that. harry, get redmond. competition for lennon & 1 for the future!

    • Hi John, as I said before on another post I can't understand why Harry hasn't put in a bid for young Redman at Brum. He's quick, direct, has good control and a fair shot too. Plus he's only a kid playing regularly, on the right, in the Championship.

    • Think we need cover for the strikers too! That Peter Crouch at Stoke looks a pretty good player!

    • at the moment i only see gio, gomes and pav as surplus, i think we need all the defenders and midfielders at the lane till the summer. that is if we are not buying anyone.

      if parker and sandro are fit then hudds doesnt get a look in , ur right alfy. it would be daft selling him, next season we will have europian games of some sort and we will need him for rotation. he would be great playing league cup and as a sub to rest players.

    • id say sandro a month, gallas 3wk & livermore none coz its just stitches in the lip. they just didnt have time to do it during the match.

      we got exactly a wk to get as many back. hopefully we will have king & or dawson to cover for gallas.
      & hopefully parker & lennon will be back too.