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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jan 3, 2012 22:54 Flag

    3 points at what cost???

    At what cost? Id say £7.50.

    (I'm sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me tonight)

    Gallas's injury has come in many ways at the best time, with Dawson due back any day - him & Ledley can split the Everton game to ease him in, & assuming he gets through unscathed he's sorted for a starting berth for as long as he can keep it. I don't imagine Gallas will be out for long, but if Daws can get up to strength quickly we can rest him to fully repair.

    'Arry has to acknowledge what he's lacking in wide cover; he seems reluctant to push Walker and Rose up to the wings, but they can both do a great job there. If he won't use them he has to chnage formation, so injuries to Modric and Bale if he has one (to be honest it looked like his normal play-acting to me, but I won't start that again) could in some ways force Redknapp's hand into making productive changes. But then he knows better than me - he's proved it once or twice.

    Hudd should surely be back soon too for DM. In some ways these could be supportive for the quality of the squad; if Hudd & Daws come back when there is competition for places but it's not the top competition (i.e. competing with Bassong & Sandro instead of Gallas & Parker) it will give them something to aim for to get their place back, which in achieving will in turn build their confidence, and therefore their playing, to mean they're really pushing the top players in terms of form etc when they get back rather than it taking them ages to get back to quality and feeling insecure in their role (as Daws in particular has several times before).

    Is my glass too half full here?

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