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    Fitness Coach

    As with last year when we were plagued with innumerable groin strains/pulls, this year we are seeing calf tears.
    Yes we need a new top level striker, yes we could do with some coverage out wide, and right now we are looking like we need center back and DM coverage - although with Daws on the way back and Hudd hopefully back soon we could have that covered.
    What we do need is the same as last year - a decent fitness/conditioning coach who knows how to prepare players and warm them up prior to the game! We should not be seeing these injuries at this level - at least not in such abundance.
    Other than that - gotta love what the lads are doing this year - winning ugly when necessary as well as playing with tons of panache, style, and class - the beautiful game.
    And on the downside - Kranjcar was rubbish yesterday. Given the opportunity to come on and play you would think he would have put some effort into the time he had on the field.

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