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  • ...you don't suppose Toon'll let us have him do ya?

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    • mmm ba for paulo , sounds a good swap deal to me

    • Cheers Joe. The key words would appear to be "in one season". As Ba moved to the Barcodes in June last year he's only been registered to the one club this season, so technically there's no bar (pardon the pun!) to him moving on this window. However, if it's "one year" then he has to stay at the Barcodes until the summer as he's also played for the Hammers during 2011.

      As we know, he's now left for the ACN with Senegal where, depending on how they progress, he may not be back until mid/end February. He may also come back with an injury which would seriously pi$$ me off if we did buy him!

      On the other hand, if he plays a blinder over there as he's done so far this season then regardless of the £10m sell clause it would likely spark a bidding war - do we want to get into that? Have there been cases recently where players have been transferred during the January window while they've been at the ACN? Must be difficult to get access to them to discuss it and for them to agree terms etc with their new clubs.

    • Intriguing,

      I believe a player can be registered to three clubs in one year but may only play for two of them, there seem to be circumstances when this does not apply, but largely that seems to be the rule.

      Sorry I know its a dirty thing to do but have a read:


      The below was C&P'd soz:

      Players may be registered with a maximum of three clubs during one season. During this period, the player is only eligible to play official matches for two clubs. As an exception to this rule, a player moving between two clubs belonging to associations with overlapping seasons (i.e. start of season in summer/autumn as opposed to winter/spring) may be eligible to play in official matches for a third club during the relevant season, provided he has fully complied with his contractual obligations towards his previous clubs. Equally, the provisions relating to the registration periods (article 6) as well as the minimum length
      of contract (article 18 paragraph 2) must be respected.

      FIFA regulations permit amateur players to be registered up to a maximum of two years and
      professional players up to a maximum of five years.


    • i think its 3 teams in the same league. but not sure.

      would be pants if some one else could steal him off us. that is if we go for him.

    • That rings vague bells, do you know if it's 3 clubs full stop or 3 in the same league? Seems bizarre if e.g. we couldn't buy Ba but PSG could.

      I've picked PSG at random by the way, no idea if they're looking!

    • wasnt that rule in place when mashcerano moved from west ham or something.or it stalled the move to liverpool . anyway i remember hearing the rule .

      i would be prepared to wait till the summer if we dont get any one els ein the meantime.

    • I might be wrong but I think you`ll find there is an obscure FIFA rule that says that no player can play for 3 teams in the same league in one calendar year. So given that West Ham were in the Premier League when Ba played for them he can`t sign for an other Premier League club till the summer. I seem to recall reading about it a couple of season ago about a player who was wanted by what would have been his 3rd La Liga club within a year and that`s why the deal fell through.

    • And don't be licking your lips at this 10 million get out clause, I had a word with him before he jumped in the taxi for the foreign cup and assured him that his 40 thousand a week was gunna be doubled as long as he knee holds out. And his can warmed 3 times a day.
      H---that last comment's got you puzzled unless you're an old git like me.

    • Beni,
      Don't you think that 'big' is different from 'top four'? Blackburn winning the league didn't (IMHO) make them a big club. Everton getting 4th ditto.
      I personally think we're on the fringes as I would define 'big' as a combination of tradition, strength of support, size of ground and current performance 'trend'. That's why (again to me), clubs like Utd, Woolwich, L'pool are 'big'. Newcastle, Sunderland - even the Sheffield clubs then also are 'fringe big' - relying on old playing reputations and large support. Luckily for us, if we keep on the way we are, we can re-establish ourselves in the 'big' league.
      Odd, I never included the Chavs in the above - as even though their recent form has been good, their 'pedigree' and support both seem to lack.

      PS - Bentley and Jenas are both still on our books AFAIK and the Spurs site shows them as on loan.

    • in my opinion size of club is defined by league position.

      man utd , arse , chelsea and liverpool were all the big clubs as they finished top 4 every season. man city 5 years ago or maybe a little more were a yo yo club and would of been classed as a small or smaller club. but now they are top of the EPL they are one of the biggest clubs around.

      so i think that when people say small club i dont think stadium or fan base is counted its more the long term league standings. spurs are 3rd at the mo but that doesnt make us bigger club then the arse , but if we do it for 5 years in a row then it does.

      hope that makes sense, its just my opinion of how we rate a clubs size.

      ps would defo take ba. 15 mill plus a couple player gio,jenas,pienarr etc.
      oh is bentley still on our books. ???

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