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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jan 8, 2012 13:42 Flag

    Does anyone know why we're not on telly Wed?

    I know it's not mandatory, but given there's no other league footy on and it should be a fairly good game with reasonable table implications you'd think someone would have picked it up. I guess I answered my own question in the first place though, C Cup footy's on terrestrial, so if you just want to watch a game you might as well just watch that.

    Re the ground, I've found that with Bronze membership (cheapest but one, although still the cost of a ticket or two at somewhere around £55 for your first year's membership) and a lot of patience & persistence I can get tickets for most home games (e.g. I saw the Inter & Real games last season), but you've got to get online - it's better than the phone for tickets - the second they go on sale, ideally about 20 mins before to make sure you're in the queue.

    It seems most likely to me that we'll stay at WHL in some form, (hopefully not just the current one) which I like not only for emotion's sake, but for pragmatism; to after so much of the retail space around the ground has been bought up and standing empty for so long Tottenham needs a big boost pick up again, it would either be a football ground or yet another shopping centre.

    Few points I wonder if you know anything about; how long is a redevelopment anticipated to take? How much of that time would we not be able to play at WHL? Where would we go then? Etc etc