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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Jan 9, 2012 22:20 Flag

    My January Shopping List

    Chris Samba (takes care of the pesky CB issue)
    Demba Ba (in form striker, but with a risk)
    Junior Hoilett (lights a fire under Lennon when he's back).

    Thats being resonable I think.

    I'd definitely have said Cahill, but it doesn't look like we're even whispering his name at the moment.

    Oh and as an aside...if...a big if I know, but if we won the league...or were runners up...does Modric still look for the exit door? Rafa's already said he wants to do something special with Spurs, so does a high place finish pursade our little playmaker to stay? of course, we might be in a position to get someone to replace him just for spite...but who? Just looking to the future a bit...just in case.

    So...if we were spending, who'd you fancy in our areas of need?

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    • Andy Carroll said he'd come to you on loan if he's allowed to keep his ponytail.
      H---northern agent.

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      • H,

        Don't you think we have enough players with crazy hair in:

        BAE - Kaine Rolls/Corn Rows, Braided, Afro or bunches! the reason he doesn't have fancy cars is that his hair stylist takes 50% of what he earns!

        Sandro - Remember the blue and white mohawk?

        Defoe - Bleached

        Lennon - What 24 year old has lines cut in his eyebrows?!

        Gio - where to start with that hair-do?!

        We do enough for the follicley exuberant.


        P.S hows sessingon gettin on? is he worth us havin a go? Or would Mr'O say No?!?!

    • I disagree re Samba Beni, given the amount of goals he and the rest of the Blackburn defence have leaked so far this season. OK he's good in the air in either box, and has been known to score against us over the years, but I'm not sure his mobility is as good as Dawson's and (much as it pains me to say it about my beloved Daws) he ain't the fleetest of foot on the pitch is he? We're better off going for somebody more like Vermaelen (not him of course unless Whinger has a moment of madness!) - I've heard Vertonghen's name bandied about a few times but admit I know nothing about him.

      While we're salivating over a number of players from our fellow PL clubs, hearing 'Arry talking about Ba and others he'd like to bring in am I alone in detecting a faint whiff of hypocrisy considering we criticised the Chavs and Manure for doing just that in trying to unsettle Modric (and some of our other players)? I know the lower league clubs expect it, but I feel slightly uncomfortable about it when it's Spurs doing it to mid-table PL clubs.

      As for Ba, even if we could agree terms with the Barcodes the player has to agree to the move as well - and as he says he's enjoying it up on Tyneside and is concentrating on the ACN now I think he'll stay there until the end of the season at least. And don't forget we agreed terms with Udinese for Gio last summer but he didn't want to go to Italy so it fell through. By all accounts Gio had a good game last weekend, albeit against League 2 opposition, and if he can repeat that against a PL club (should he be fortunate enough to start a game that is!) then maybe he's worth keeping and offering a new contract. But somehow I think he's burned his bridges with 'Arry over his behaviour before he was loaned out.

    • id take all 3 of those rambro.

      id say the ba 1 isnt realistic. he is well in form & cant see him being sold in jan by newcastle. but id love him at spurs.

      hoilett is out of contract in the summer so it would make sense blackburn getting some money for him before he goes for free.
      we miss lennon more than u think when he is out injury. im never usually too bothered when he gets injured. but then when we play we clearly miss him & then im counting down the days til he is back. he gets taken for granted i reckon.
      so back to the thread, hoilett would be good back up, cover & competition for lennon.

      samba is a solid player with good experience so he would be a sensible signing especially as we are so short in that position.
      im still worried we will ignore the fact we are light in that area & not sign a CB.

      i wouldnt mind hangelaand or alex either. alex is out of contract in summer too but i guess chelsea prob wont sell to us.

      ideally id like bassong out & a new better CB in.
      pav out & a better replacement in.
      competition for lennon.
      sell gio. i rate him but harry doesnt so might as well sell him.
      sell pienaar too.
      loan out carroll