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    Ladies & Gents: Shalom and Happy 2012!

    And now for an important news bulletin regarding one of football's most recent controversies...

    A clip on YouTube showing Manchester United defender Patrice Evra making an obscene outburst using a similar word to the one at the centre of his racism case against Luis Suarez:


    The footage is from Canal+ documentary Le Periple Rouge about his former club Monaco's march to the 2004 Champions League final. Evra appears making a foul-mouthed rant in his hotel room before the semi-final against Chelsea. The programme is in French but Evra, after subtitles for Chelsea players Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and Frank Lampard appear on screen, says in clear English, 'Mother-fucking niggers', along with other muffled profanities.

    It will be uncomfortable for club and player that Evra's obscenities are available for public viewing in the fall-out from the Suarez case. Ron Atkinson lost his job as ITV's lead football pundit after that Monaco home victory against Chelsea, following racist comments about Marcel Desailly that were made off air but picked up by Middle East networks. And Suarez received and accepted an 8-game ban for using the Spanish equivalent of the same word. So what happens now to Evra? Will it take Lampard or Hasselbaink or an official representative of Chelsea Football Club to lodge a formal complaint for the English FA to take action?

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    • Stop stirring, people swear all the time, Suarez was racially abusive. There's a difference!

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      • Its my understand that,

        Suarez submitted a statement to the FA, in which he admitted to using language, that the FA deemed to be racially offensive. If this is true then for me, its a closed case! Suarez has said he will not appeal his ban and therefore he has accepted his punishment.

        The language he used may not have been offensive in Holland or South America, but whilst he's playing for Liverpool he is governed by the rules the FA set out. IMO the FA have got this right and that should be the end of it. I'm sure if Evra submitted a statement, which confessed to using similarly offensive language he'd be punished as well and rightly so.

        I think Liverpool need to try and move on from this, IMO it is damaging their reputation. Dalglish may believe Suarez and want to demonstrate his support for his player, but he is exacerbating the situation.

        I agree, everything that has followed the ban is trouble making, tribalism and is moronic and pointless.