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  • longtimespur longtimespur Jan 13, 2012 13:55 Flag

    Is Defoe better than Adebayor?

    How can you compare them?
    I agree that Defoe has improved a lot this season with his team work and his tackling back but IMO he's not a solo striker. He can hold the ball up but he doesn't often bring others into the game from midfield. More likely to try and turn the defender and run on goal. But then he is a striker who plays up front where as Adebayor is a front man who scores goals. He can play with his back to goal collect the ball and lay it off before turning and running to take up a goal scoring position.
    Differing players, both good at what they do. Ade does his job well but doesn't have a good shot 2 goal ratio, but I'm not too sure about Daffy on that either though. He probably makes more of his own chances though.

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    • Just an observation form the distant north---but to me Defoe suits Spurs pattern of flowing football, his vision's good, first touch not bad and once with an eye at goal very good.

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      • ades team play has been priceless in my opinion, his strength and positioning is better then defoes and he takes defenders away from there goal and lets bale and co in on goal,

        i like defoe and his pace and poaching is great , they both are very good in certain areas. so i want them both in the squad. it was not secret that i didnt want ade , but hes proved me wrong with a great work ethic.hes got some goals and makes defenders worry hes there, something spurs strikers havent done in a couple years.

    • i agree, i think defoe has worked so hard defensively this season so he cant be criticised there. also he has bulked up and keeps the ball better now. i think defoe & ade should be starting together, sorry vdv!

      but overall u would say defoe is a better finisher & goalscorer.
      ade is better at holding up the ball & more of an aerial threat.
      ades finishing is pretty average for a striker.

      i too would rather get another big target man who is a better finisher rather than keep ade. but id settle for ade!