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    Is Defoe better than Adebayor?

    Adebayor has me pulling my hair out at times! His finishing is dreadful where as i cant help thinking Defoe would have scored given those chances. I can appreciate Ades hold up play and strength but that side of Defoe's game isn't bad either don't forget. He'd easy be into double figures by now if he was playing regular. Your thoughts on this subject would be appreciated. Thanks and COYS!

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    • Defoe is the better goal scorer, but not a good team player ( but signs he's improving on that side of things this season.).Adebayor is a better team player, but very poor goal's return ratio to chance's created...also not too bright at looking along the line and get's caught off-side too often, so personally I would not want him permanantly for the wage's he want's...mix the two and we would have a good striker, but overall on a par I would say...

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      • How can you compare them?
        I agree that Defoe has improved a lot this season with his team work and his tackling back but IMO he's not a solo striker. He can hold the ball up but he doesn't often bring others into the game from midfield. More likely to try and turn the defender and run on goal. But then he is a striker who plays up front where as Adebayor is a front man who scores goals. He can play with his back to goal collect the ball and lay it off before turning and running to take up a goal scoring position.
        Differing players, both good at what they do. Ade does his job well but doesn't have a good shot 2 goal ratio, but I'm not too sure about Daffy on that either though. He probably makes more of his own chances though.

    • Defoe: 22 Games 11 Goals (0.5 Goals per game)

      Ade: 17 Games 9 Goals (0.52 Goals per game)

      Ade has 7 assists to his name too.

      On this basis, they are about the same, but Ade has a slight edge.

      Either way, they are both in the shadows of RVP by a country mile.

      Happy to help.

    • I'm not sure how you quantify 'better'.

      IMHO, this comes down to likes and dislikes, rather than a proveable '...he is a 10 and he is a 1 - on a scale of 1 to 10....'.

      I personally would rather have a 'worker' (and Ade IMHO has that element) up front. Don't get me wrong, I'd take 'skill' over 'work' all day - but Daffy isn't at a level where I'd prefer his poachers skill to Ade's all round play.

      The issue for Daffy, isn't so much Ade, but VdV IMHO - as, I would guess that 'arry would have been playing both Ade and Daffy if VdV wasn't there.