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  • Layla Layla Jan 14, 2012 17:08 Flag

    poor wolves performance

    another reason why we wont challenge for the league im afraid. another average performance just like the WBA & sunderland home wins recently. but this time our luck ran out.

    only ourselves to blame for dropping 2pts. my 1 criticism of harry is that he rarely changes things when they arent going for us. the way we play with just ade isolated upfront means all the goals have to come from so deep. he should have revorted to 4-4-2 at the start of the 2nd half, taken vdv off & stick defoe up there with ade in the box. u could see us struggling to make clear cut chances yet he does nothing. we could have easily drawn the wba & sunderland games at home too by playing this way. wolves deserved a pt & looked pretty comfortable for most of the game.

    really think we need to be more positive and balanced with a goal poacher on the field at home to teams who put 10men behind the ball. harry finally brings defoe on with just 20mins left! how bad do u want the win harry? & has all of vdvs tantrums when he gets subbed means harry is scared to sub him now! he was on his last legs for the last 20mins & yet he takes lennon off instead. im not saying defoe is this amazing player, its more a case of me liking to have goal poachers on he pitch & he is our only 1. i still think he is very good thou.
    unlucky with the decision to award a corner when it was a clear goalkick.but no excuse for the poor defending from the corner. dawson & kaboul were all over the place. they really dont work well together. neither can organise & they arent on the same wavelength. im really worried about them being our starting poor for the next few months. we are going to be a bit of a shambles at the back at times.
    well done to modric for the goal but keeper should have saved it. ekotto & walker were good. good to see parker back. lennon & bale did ok but we didnt really get them in the game enough due to our system we are playing. it looks so unbalanced and predicatable at times!
    ade was just isolated & had usually 3 defenders on him whilst vdv was on the half way line for whatever reason. a few times lennon,bale or walker broke away & all they had to aim at was ade being marked by 3. thats the problem with no defoe on the pitch. i really cant blame him for wanting to leave. he is top scorer & we need a goal yet he just plays 20mins.

    vdv was ok but looked leggy and didnt really get in the game much.he can hardly last an hr let alone 2 games in 4 days. wake up harry.

    anyway, we can still get 4th spot if we improve on these kind of performances. hopefully this will finally shut people up about going on about us being title challenges. u dont draw at home to wolves & limp to 1 goal wins at home if u want to win the league.

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    • It wasn't a poor performance SB as we quite clearly dominated the game. Poor reffing helped lose us 2 points but we should have taken the chances we were presented with. Wolves were poor but they set out their stall like West Brom did and played for the draw - to get a goal for them was a bonus and they did all the could to protect the lead.

      One thing I'm very disappointed with is that it was clear that the ref had given Emanuel Pingpong his "final" warning for scything down Modric early in the 2nd half following his 1st half yellow card, so when he again made a bad tackle he was unpunished and McCarthy was able to sub him with Hunt. Very poor decision from Jones there. I'm sure there was a lot of the north London rivalry driving Pingpong's play given he's a Gooner on loan at Wolves but even so he should have been off and the game would have taken on a different complexion.

      But as I said on another thread, tomorrow is another day and we have to concentrate on Sunday's game at Citeh. Yes, we're off to their stronghold but without Kompany, the Toures and potentially Silva we do have a chance, even though we'll be without Ade - so Daffy will have to step and take his chance when given the opportunity. We can do it, we just have to out-guile and play Citeh at their own game.


    • One small detail, though SB...we ARE challenging for the title. There's a breakaway group of three clubs, and one of those clubs is US! It's happening NOW, and I'm loving it! I just don't like the uneasy feeling that it all may implode, but you always get that feeling with Spurs, but until that happens, we can only go by what the table tells us now. We may not win it, but we're certainly challenging. Last season, our current points tally would have seen us top at this stage!

    • there is stating some one is negative and then there is calling some one away with the fairies etc. thats what i take objection to.as i feel there is no need for this for simply saying i have faith in the team.
      i wasnt patronising u with my question, i was asking a legitamit question, i was p1ssed off we didnt win and was cursing the team to start with , but i was gutted we didnt win and go joint top. i soon realised it was just disapointed and took a look at the bigger picture of where we are and how weve played this season.
      i agree that lennon should of stayed on and vdv would of been better to come off instead but harry must of seen something or knew something to make that switch.

      anyway i agree to disagree on being positive or being negative in our views.

    • are u sure u arent mixing up the other team allowing us possesion & yardage for a good performance?

      also u havent read some of the posts people have written about me in the past beni. so u dont know the whole picture.

      i dont want a personal slanging match either. i just wanted to say i felt spurs were poor yesterday & arent challenging for the title. really sorry if this deeply offends u.

      anyway, swans have just beat the gooners 3-2! thats some consolation for dropping 2pts yesterday. always good to see arsenal lose & wenger get stroppy!

    • equally i could say u are been patronising to me by saying do u mix up a poor performance with dissapointment with the result.

      no thats not what im doing. i think it was a poor-average performance.

      i disagree, the only real chance was the lennon shot saved on the line. even the goal was poor keeping.

      lets just agree to disagree, u felt we did all we did to win. i dont.

      i think we should have had 2 upfront, taking off vdv, kept lennon on & really gone for it. rather then do 20passes to get it to the edge of the area and then take long shots.

      i also felt harry wasnt pro active enough. it wasnt working & he didnt make much to change it. its more of a case of hoping we nick a winner rather then trying to force a winner.

      "so if u are playing it down then fine but dont knock us if we have belief even if u feel its misguided."

      beni i could equally say to u lot "so if u are playing it up then fine but dont knock me if i have belief we arent good enough to challenge for the title even if u feel its misguided lack of faith.

      i get knocked all the time for being over negative. so why cant i know u for being over positive?

      & anyway its not really personal sick knocks. its just me saying u are away with the fairies & harmless stuff like that.
      u are a very sensitive indeed.

    • You've hit the nail on the head with your question about the set up Rambo...Surely when your playing a packed defence, you keep wide and get behind their defence and knock crosses in. All Bale seem's to do lately is cut inside and congest the penalty box where the opposition is stongest so it's harder to get clean shots in...and when they swap wing's ( Bale and Lennon ) then you just know they are coming inside....To me it's a managerial weakness to allow player's to roam free....some game's require tactical awareness, and a strong management to see the player's carry out the order's...We know Bale can do damage when running through the middle, but overall his strength is down the wing and getting to the byline

    • I only saw the highlights, but it didn't look like a poor performance to me.
      I think there's a difference between a poor performance and not winning (or even losing for that matter).
      It doesn't work as:
      Good performance - win
      Poor performance - draw
      Bad performance - lose
      IMHO it's about eeking out results - and I agree that yesterday was 2pts dropped, but it wasn't down to the team not performing.

      Here's to next week and hopefully getting a point at min. That would mean that Citeh drop 2. The Citeh performances recently have lacked that sparkle and hopefully the boys will want to make amends for the result from the opening of the season.

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      • i think u have simplified what i said beni. iv never said defoe= guranteed win. we may hav elost if we had started him like i wanted. but i do feel when we play teams at home like wolves who park the bus, we need to be playing with 2 strikers & have at least 1 goal poacher on the pitch.

        & john, i dont think anyone said

        Good performance - win
        Poor performance - draw
        Bad performance - lose

        i thought we were pretty poor against sunderland & wba at home but we won. i thought the 2nd half performance against stoke was good but we stil lost the game. also id say fulham was a bad performance but we won,

        yesterday,we were always going to have a lot more of the ball & they were always going to park the bus deep so yes in terms of stats like possesion & teritory we will always look as thou we played well. but in truth it was easy for them to just defend deep because we lacked any creation or players like defoe who can get in behind them unless its from very deep which will rarely happen when they defend so deep too.

        another must win game we didnt win hey beni lol.

    • well being doing some predticons and your next 9 games wil be as follows.

      city v spurs lose 2-0
      spurs v wigan draw 1-1
      pool v spurs draw 0-0
      spurs v newcastle draw 1-1
      asenal v spurs lose 2-1
      spurs v utd lose 1-3
      everton v spurs win 2-1
      spurs v stoke draw 1-1
      chelsea v spurs lose 2-1
      spurs v swansea win 2-0

      i cant see you beating city arsenal and utd pool looks def a draw so does newcastle and stoke maybe a draw at chelsea but they seem to be grinding out 1-0 wins again.

      it dont look good . you could be in danger of losing 3rd come the arsenal game.

      11 points maybe 13 possible. but not enough to secure 4th spot.
      this is not a windup nor am i having a go. but you have some tough games in the next few weeks.

      so games played 30 points 55 points

      i have arsenal in the next 9 games at 18 points that with a few loses and a draw or 2

      so for 4th will be close. chelsea has some tough games but out of there 9 games i would say 18 points a well.

      so its going to be a fight to get 4th this season i would expect it to be between arsenall pool and spurs. a few more draws for pool and would expect it to be just 2 teams.