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  • john john Jan 15, 2012 17:16 Flag

    We should be top of the league at the moment.why has no body picked up?

    I think the reason no-ones mentioned it is because it's almost accepted that game;s are more and more being decided by bad officiating and what's the point of fretting? Their goal came from a corner that never was also...The one thing I would say is that refereeing has hit an all time low this season, but all we can do is shrug the shoulder's and have a chuckle until the plonker's in charge allow technology to help the officials...

    • i dont think iv ever known a season where so many games our decided by the officials. stoke being the worst ref performance so far this season.

      the standard of refin is so low this season.

      remmah is right, u just expect the refs to mess up every game so its more of a shock when they dont make big mistakes!