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  • HighRoadJohn HighRoadJohn Jan 15, 2012 19:51 Flag

    We should be top of the league at the moment.why has no body picked up?

    You've got to feel for Ade...isn't that the THIRD time he's put the ball away and been given offside when he was definitely on? He must cause a reflex flagging action or something. Keep up with play and look down the line, Mr.Assistant referee!

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    • or mrs assistant nbr , no sexism on here please lol

      got to be really hard for him , those 3 goals add 5 more points to our total.

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      • Oi, don't go blaming me for that caper!

      • Yep, we've been denied 7 points through officials cocking up their decisions - but for that we should be 5 points clear of Manure looking down on the rest. Even a Citeh win tomorrow would have still left us 2 clear of them.

        I know I keep banging on about it but I think it's time to give refs additional help in the form of 4 linos methinks - that way they can cover every inch of the touchlines and not miss things like the Wolves corner from which they scored. OK, some things may go against us that we've previously gained advantage from (eg Walker's handball v the Goons) but if the FA/PL don't do something then the referees' reputation will get worse. That said, I thought Michael Oliver had a good game reffing Swansea v Goons, as he did reffing us at Norwich. More like him in the game please!

        To get back to the league, we have to put this weekend's results behind us and concentrate on the games to come. It'll be interesting to see what team Mancini puts out tomorrow v Wigan ahead of our game up there on Sunday. We know he's without Kompany and the Toure brothers plus I believe Silva is injured and unlikely to play against us, unless their backroom team work miracles on him and even if the do he's likely to be a bit rusty if he's not 100% fit.

        BTW were you aware that Citeh had poached our head medic recently? Somebody in the press said that it wasn't just about players now it's about the medical staff and those who help make the team tick which is equally as important these days.