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  • Graeme Simkins Graeme Simkins Jan 16, 2012 13:40 Flag

    For sale...Mr. D. Berbatov?

    Hello to you all and a Happy New Year! I thought as the window is open I'd pop my noggin in! Hope you are all well.
    So Remy seems to be telling anyone that'll listen that he's not coming, and if he does it won't be til the summer.
    The prospect of losing Defoe(Scousers) and Pavo(Anyone? Please??) worries me. I keep looking about to see who would slot into our team and time and time again I go back to Dimi.
    Forget the history, he's a great player.

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    • I'd gladly take Bergertop back,

      He was quality for us and I think he'd fit in well with the way we play.

      I think there is little chance of it happening and I imagine Manure would want big bucks for him, so the likely hood is minimal IMO.

      I'm hoping Liverpool's interest in Defoe is just the rumour mill working oveftime, although he was poor last season I think he offers great back up to Ade and allows us to change things up and maintain a certain level of quality.

      Although I rate Pav more highly than most, I feel we can do better, whilst he strikes the ball well, he seems to disappear increasingly. To be replaced by Long/ Odemwingie/Ba/Sessingion any of them would be an improvement on Pav IMO.