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  • Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Jan 16, 2012 15:55 Flag

    Team against Man city...

    I don't think the personnel will change much, a straight swap from Ade to Defoe.
    The difference will come with set up, 4-3-3. Modric, Parker and VDV in midfield. All doing their thing and playing to their seperate strengths.
    Bale and Lennon will play up front and continue to cut into the centre with Defoe, hopefully, cleaning up all Man City mistakes.
    With wing backs going forward and wingers coming back, i see a busy game for these four but nothing they can't handle at thier age.
    Anyway i hope we don't go there as Liverpool did and defend and break,as this isn't playing to our strengths.

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    • With Kompany, the Toures and possibly Silva missing we have to go for it.


      Walker - Kaboul - King/Daws - BAE

      Parker - Modric

      Lennon- VDV - Bale


      IMO this formation utilises the best players available to us. If Citeh play Barry - De Jong in CM, I think Modric will cause them more problems than Livermore could, its a shame Sandro won't be fit, I'd have him next to Parker and Luka further forwards if he was.