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  • So Samba has handed in a transfer request. That means he has a club that he wants to go to and they have made it clear that if he is available they will make an offer.

    The question is...is it Spurs?? and if not then it bloody well should be!

    How many other CB's of his quality, experience and cost are there in the PL? FFS Levy/Arry stop mucking about and get the cheque book out before someone else does.

    Then, once that is done, get Remy sorted and we might just have a team that can actually go all the way..coming second is not good enough. Look at what has happened to Ar$e. They have been the bridesmaid so often that their best players got so fed up they eventually left and that will happen to Modric, Bale etc unless we actually start to win things.

    Time to pay up and invest or accept a life of trying to keep the wolves from the door. IMO of course.

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    • Sfer, I've read between the lines on teh Samba soon-to-be saga and the tea leaves say PSG are the team that will get Chris Samba (he mentioned going back to the place of his birth...France)...that and PSG are the new money-bags outfit in football, I'm guessing they can offer him a sight more than we can (and probably CL football too)...but I live in hope.

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      • Rambro - I think we can all agree Samba wants out and therefore it is likely that will happen.

        We also know that we need a good, proven CB and that Samba fits that bill but we also know that PSG might be looking. Add to that the fact that Samba might fancy "going home" plus the money he might be able to get at PSG and yes that is a distinct possibility.

        However, he has been in the UK quite a while so might be settled here and want to stay plus he might fancy a tilt at Champions League and the PL title with us - who knows.

        I would just like Arry/Levy to make a move so we know that at least they are trying to fill the gap that everybody knows we have rather than playing a silly waiting game until the 11th hour trying to save a few quid.

      • Let's chill out. You don't become a successful football manager/chairman because you're good at washing dishes.
        There will be umpteen queries, offers, failed deals that we know/knew nothing about. We're looking for World class players who'll play for glory rather than cold hard cash.

        Rocking horse sh*t? Absolutely.

    • I wish they would too Sfer. Then we wouldn't have to rely on Ledley and Gallas to get over their injuries.
      Perm any 2 from 3 with Samba, Dawson and Kaboul and offload Bassong.
      I don't know much about this Remy, only in a glass lol, but he seems to be saying he wants to stay where he is. We do need another one but,if not, a couple of good strikers at the end of the season. Can't see Adebayor being here next season.

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      • its just like last jan & the summer transfer window just gone.
        desperate for players in key areas & nothing happens besides ade but even then we needed another foward instead of pav.

        we have needed another CB for over a yr! samba is not world class or anything but he is a solid 7-8 out of 10 CB who will slot straight in. the aerial threat going foward is another bonus!

        forget remy as he isnt intersted & is a bit of a risk at that price.

    • Amen to that Aitch

    • Remy's said he's definitely staying put, so that puts the kibosh on that a bit. I've not seen anything with 'Arry saying he's after Samba; I reckon he could be the 'transfer saga' of this window with so many big teams having defensive frailties...

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