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    Ledley waht were you thinking!

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    • Bear in mind that I think Ledley is overrated and BAE underrated - I don't think Ledley was the culprit as the problem was really with BAE. He stopped the ball going out of play with 45 seconds on the clock and decided to hoof the ball up the pitch. A bad call on his part I think.
      Although Ledley gave away a penalty, he had to make some challenge as Ballotelli was about to pull the trigger - ok - he could have stayed on his feet and tried to 'ease' Ballotelli out wide, but it was a fine judgement call. BAE on the other had was under no real pressure at the time.

      But such is life. I think we'll take more from the game, although we lost. I know that sounds stupid, but I think 'arry will have the team believing that they should have won based on that 2nd half performance. IMHO, I thought a point was the minimum we should have got.

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      • I have to agree with John, Re: BAE, I am a fan of his and usually rate him pretty highly.

        Yesterday was not his finest hour particularly the decision to keep that ball in play but his delivery and some of the decisions he made were baffling.

        That said I don't blame him for our defeat, we did enough to warrant a point at least, that for me is encouraging! we went away to the league leaders and we should have won!

        I felt for Defoe, he would have expected to score that late opportunity all day.

        The officiating was ok, however Lescott's challenge on Kaboul was a sending off offence, without question, the ball was no where near him when it occurred and there was no reason for him to be leading with his elbow. Dirty!

        And Balotelli, where to start! I was a Mario fan, I felt he brought a lot to the EPL, as a high quality player and as a very entertaining character. He stamped on Parker, there is no question of that, his leg swung in a very un-natural way and there was definite downward movement. I was horrified!

        I think we have an obligation to report him to the FA, Parker got incredibly lucky, had Balotelli made more contact, I hate to think what the consequence could have been, broken neck?


        There is absolutely no need for Balotelli's right leg to make the downward motion in the 4th-5th second of this video.

        We should have been playing 9 men by full time!

        I believe Adebayor received a heavy ban when for the RVP incident and rightly so.

        We must find strength from the performance, we have way to many big games in the next two months.


    • We fully deserved a point.
      sh1t first half but done well to get back in it at 2-0 down.

      defoe was completely isolated up front and needs someone with at least ades skills to play off.

      i thought silva got through far too easily at times and both sides showed too much respect for one another and only after the first goal is when both teams showed thier real capabilitys.

      as for the referying i didn't think it was that bad
      and webb didn't see balotelli's stamp at parkers head which was definately intentional.

      anyone who has played football at high level will know that speed and balance will propell you into a forward motion and not lead you to bring your flowing leg backwards onto your opponents head.

      had the ref seen this,it is a straight red card and anyone who knows anything about football will agree.

      the kaboul incident is just another one that goes by the way, but definately one the f.a. Should look at.

      sadly kings foul was a def penalty, but in spite
      of a good second half was to be our undoing.

      positives are, we still showed desire to get back in the game and can definately take on the best even at thier house.

      enough said. Coys. Spurs forever! jeffall


    • adebayor would have been 1 m offside or if he was onside the referee wiould have been cancelled the goal anyway as he did against stoke and wolves

    • T.B.H it was once again robbery by Mr Howard Webb Balotelli should of not of been on the pitch in the first place after a blatent stamp on Parker he should have got a straight red.

      And before that Webb missed Lescott putting a forearm in Kaboul's face.

      How many more mistakes is it going to take by Webb for the FA to take action against this guy they call our no: 1 official.

    • Nothing like a misspelled word to show the emotions...we played like chickens in the first half...when is Harry gonna grow a pair and drop VDV for games like this? Bringing him on late at 2-2 would have been a shrewd move...but he totally isolated Defoe up front and we know Defoe cannot lead the line in a one striker situation (well taken goal though). Bale playing through the middle again..still trying to figure this tactic out, unless he was supposed to be the second DM along with Parker (who got shown up for pace by Aguero, but at least he kept him off the score sheet.

      And then...our go to settling influence in the back, panicked...a younger and stronger, more athletic striker basically nudged King aside even with the shirt pullling and King went to ground...stone cold penalty.

      I hope Lescott gets banned for that elbow he threw into Kaboul's face...if the ref or his asisstance had seen it, it would have been a straight red...but there you go.

      Anyway, going to enjoy my day off regardless...life goes on...there's still starving children in the world, there's still gun crime and drugs in the big cities...the sun will come out, if not tomorrow, then the next day.

      Let's hope the lads don't stay down too long because of this, as the fixture's don't get any easier.

    • outstanding then 1 mistake. it would have been game over a lot early if he hadnt of played

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      • i'm not sure that defoe wanted 101% to score, this is not the first time when he missed balls like that and is believed to be a fast player in the area, it was obvious that balee will send the ball there, he always does it....i'm upset, don't take my comment sinto account

      • lets be positive. we thought back well. if bales ball was a few inches back defoe would have prob won the game.

        if we didnt have webb who hates us in charge than we would have been against 9men for the last 10mins.
        lescott & mario should have been off.

        i hate to be the party pooper but realistically we would have never kept up with both manchester clubs who will end up with a lot more pts than us. maybe now the title talk will stop & we can concentrate on finishing top 4.

        luckily chelsea only gained a pt, pool lost & hopefully utd will beat arsenal tonight to stop arsenal gaining on us.