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  • Jlock Jlock Jan 24, 2012 09:24 Flag

    Harry Rednapp is Innocent!

    'arry's guilt or innocence should be a matter for the courts.

    The thing that pee's me off here is the complete double standards:

    We have Tony Blair earn £12m through his 'company' and then paying only £330,000 tax on that - claiming that £11m were expenses/running costs.

    We also then hear of the big companies 'negotiating' with HMRC over tax payments. Companies being wined and dined to discuss payment of tax?

    Politicians thinking they can 'enhance' their large salaries by overclaiming expenses and then using the excuse of '...but everyone was doing it. It was expected.....'

    It does make you wonder where this country is going. End of Empire and we're turning into a corrupt third world country where the 'leaders' think that they can just take. The run of the mill punter simply has to pay tax - and you get slammed if you send in your assessment late. I'm not socialist or a conservative - I just hate injustice in any form.

    Start at the top - prosecute the bleeders who are earning millions and paying less tax than minimum rate - then come down the chain. Don't just use someone as a scapegoat because they're high profile.

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    • I hope H is innocent,

      My concern is that if the courts find differently, then they will look to make an example of him and continue to over look other infringements of the same laws!

      At the moment its all speculation!

      COYS! - Good Luck Harry

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      • That is my concern Joe. Whether 'arry is guilty or innocent, I think HMRC are using this as a test case as they seemed a bit peeved at the 'bung' reputation of football (not so much now, but the 70s on).
        Personally, I think if they find him guilty, then they'll go for a custodial sentence. If found guilty, and irrespective of the sentence, then England will have a problem and I also think that Spurs will have a problem holding onto him as well.