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  • Joe Joe Jan 24, 2012 09:59 Flag

    Harry Rednapp is Innocent!

    I hope H is innocent,

    My concern is that if the courts find differently, then they will look to make an example of him and continue to over look other infringements of the same laws!

    At the moment its all speculation!

    COYS! - Good Luck Harry

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    • That is my concern Joe. Whether 'arry is guilty or innocent, I think HMRC are using this as a test case as they seemed a bit peeved at the 'bung' reputation of football (not so much now, but the 70s on).
      Personally, I think if they find him guilty, then they'll go for a custodial sentence. If found guilty, and irrespective of the sentence, then England will have a problem and I also think that Spurs will have a problem holding onto him as well.

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      • Im afraid IF Harry is guilty, then he deserves whatever punishment he get's...He would be just one of many who screws the system, but I always think it's worse when wealthy people do it for the sake of a few extra grand to add to their millions...I hope he's innocent for the sake of our club, because it could derail our season if we have to find a new manager, but while others are getting away with fiddleing, we should'nt use that as an excuse to defend those who get caught and found guilty