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  • Vito Vito Jan 24, 2012 16:23 Flag

    Dirty Harry

    @ Joe: Do you have trouble with reading and comprehension?

    You said, "That comment coming from a fan of an Italian club is laughable

    -Oh the hypocrisy."

    But did actually read my post, where I said, "Will the FA ban him by taking a leaf out of the honest, upstanding Lega Calcio's book who docked points and even demoted teams guilty of corruption in the Serie A? The corrupt individuals in Serie A were all tried and locked up."

    Lega Calcio is a different body than the club. Just like the FA and Tottenham are 2 different entities. In Serie A, clubs were tried and found guilty by the Lega Calcio and docked points and even relegated. Your FA, however, is corrupt. They just charged Balotelli with violent conduct and issued a 4 game ban for stamping/kicking, but yet they chose to appeal to FIFA for Rooney's ban for kicking. Now THAT is hypocrisy.

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    • Vito-

      I have no problem with reading or comprehension-

      I'm quite surprised to see you reply, normally you just post an inflammatory thread that you copy and pasted, claim it as your own and then never return to see if you have had a reply. Rude!

      'IF' Harry Redknapp is found guilty then he only has himself to blame and will have to live with the consequences, its that simple.

      I don't think you as an Italian is in a position to accuse any organisation sporting or otherwise of corruption.

      Your club, A.C.Milan are owned by Silvio Berlusconi, If that man was involved in my club I would withdraw my support, he is one of the most detestable and vile people I have ever had the misfortune of hearing about.

      A.C.Mafia avoided being punish because Burlesconi was in office at the time and that is the only reason, the man's record speaks for itself and the credibility of fair play in your country, rotten to the core. There is a list of other people who never faced punishment for their crimes on the gooner site.

      Just out of interest, what action was taken by Lega Calcio, when during a Romania v Italy game one of your star players had to endure racist abuse from his own fans? did 'Lega Calcio' it attempt to find out who they were? were they punished? the game was staged in Austria but Lega Calcio were responsible for ticket allocation yet no punishment at all! - sickeningly corrupt.


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      • @ Joe:

        "I'm quite surprised to see you reply, normally you just post an inflammatory thread that you copy and pasted, claim it as your own and then never return to see if you have had a reply. Rude!"

        First off, I do reply when one is warranted. I usually don't when it's just abusive rubbish (take a look at the other poster in this very thread)

        Secondly, when I always cite my source(s) or include a link to the original article, so I'm not sure what the big deal is. This is a football message board and all football-related posts are usually based on some news or article somewhere. There is hardly an original idea posted here by anyone; if anyone here was capable of that, they'd actually be involved in the football industry in some way, not sitting around posting on a football message board. So when folks fling 'unoriginal' accusations at me, I choose to ignore it.

        Lastly, whether or not a post is inflammatory is a matter of perception. If everyone just posted the same sort of tripe and everyone else just agreed, there'd hardly be any worthwhile discussion now, would there? Sometimes it's a matter of being able to see things from a different perspective, or sometimes I'm playing devil's advocate. Regardless, I will continue to post and ignore the profane posters and spammers. If there are decent debaters such as you, I'll gladly reply.

        You will agree that Milan have pedigree and are a class above Spurs. Sub-standard as your hoof-it-and-chase league is, I do like your team, and wish you well. You are genuine and not pretenders like City, and hopefully, someday you will attain legendary status as Milan.

        Forza Milan!

      • Vito, our paths cross again after a few years with folks still being bored stiff with this copy and paste shyte, can't understand why you do it. As people say, when the real you steps forward and you do have good football knowledge and opinion, we all listen.
        Give us your personal views on players and clubs across the water, I for one would be most interested.
        H---chief reporter, The Sun.