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  • "Scott Parker,

    Would improve the Arsenal squad no end! and most of the goons I know are livid that your messiah didn't even make a move for him. I guess he left the specs at home-again!"

    He was very average EVERY single time he played against us in his Hammers' days.

    I'm sure Wenger would've used that as his barometer to decide Parker whether he's good enough for Arsenal or NOT.

    Just an example, Eduardo da Silva played against us prior to signing for Arsenal and he was adjudged to be up to *our* standard and signed. The rest is history.

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    • Butters-

      Thankfully, Scotty has some real quality around him now and we can all see how he's reacted to it and how the team have improved thanks to his qualities.

      Can you really trust Wenger's Barometer or his vision of what constitutes a good player these days?

      5 years ago maybe, but it has been some time since Wenger has found a diamond, no?

      I could not argue Eduardo was a good player, but for every Eduardo or AOC (who looks quality BTW) you sign ,you have the Djourou's, Squilaci's, Walcott's, Almunia's, flappyhanski's, Denilson's, Park's, Chamak's. Wenger must have been through the same process with each of the above as he did with Eduardo - AOC! yet are any of these players up to 'the' standard?!

      I wouldn't want any of them here!

      I think most Goons would concede Scott Parker has been a fantastic signing and one which would have improved your squad quite dramatically.

      BTW- No you can't have him, ha ha


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      • No manager is immune to making the bad signings, even Fergie still makes mistakes in the market, e.g. Berbatov = WASTE of £30.7million, Manucho, Diouf, Darron Gibson, £18.3m for David De Gea (what a HOWLER, :-) ) .....when he could have signed a dependable goalie like Tim Krul for under £5m.

        There are alot of players whom I considered as a BAD BUY if you look closely in your own team too, you have Bassong, Pav, Vedran Corluka, Bongani Khumalo, Steven Pienaar, etc, etc. I just couldn't be bothered but Harry WASTED a lot of money on these inferior players.

        The moral of my story is, EVERYONE makes mistakes but some are very massive, and I don't think any objective fan would accuse Wenger of that unlike his other colleagues.

    • "My question to you: are Djourou, Squilaci, Arshavin bigger liabilities to have in your squad? it seems none of them care enough or are good enough for what you want? "

      Arsenal signed Djourou at the age of 15, and was trained to be a CB player, currently he's being played at RB due to our injury problems. In his defence, I think it's unfair to label him a liability as the RB position isn't his natural position. However, I believe that he's good enough as a CB cover if all our first-teamers are injury free, but definitely not the main man in CB.

      Squillaci was originally bought as a 3rd CB backup, sadly due to injuries to the main CBs, he has been thrust into first team actions more than intended by the manager, and he can't handle the pace of the EPL, therefore you're right in labeling him a liability to the side.

      Arshavin has proved that he has the skills required to succeed at the highest level, but for some unknown reasons we haven't seen enough of that quality lately, yes a liability now and needs to be shown the exit door.

      On Parker, I disagree. Time will tell.

      On CL spots, write Arsenal off at your peril, there are still many games to be played. At this stage of the season, only City and Man U are dead-cert of qualifying for next season's CL. Even Liverpool are not out yet as they can go on a winning run and qualify despite being out of it currently.

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      • Unbiased opinion from the north. Arshavin has brilliant control skills, great vision, but if he was in a trench on your side popping at the enemy he'd be kneeling down behind you with his hands over his ears.
        Scott Parker, a different kind of player completely. May not have the same level of skill etc, but makes up for it tenfold by attitude and passion. He'd walk into any premier team, particularly now after his time at Spurs.
        H---northern agent.