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  • Vito Vito Jan 24, 2012 20:12 Flag

    More Hypocrisy from the Archaic, Corrupt FA

    So Balotelli has been charged with violent conduct by the FA and handed a 4 game suspension. However, they chose to appeal to UEFA for reducing Rooney's ban for kicking another player.

    Why is this organization still allowed to administer your sub-standard brand of 'hoof-it-and-chase' football? DISCUSS.

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    • Vito-

      Do you watch the EPL?

      'hoof-it-and-chase' - Of all the teams in the EPL, those words could never be leveled at us! We play superb football, as do Swansea, Citeh are ok.

      Rooney kicked aDzudovic in the leg as an act of frustration. I am not condoning it, he deserved to be banned, it was an act of a silly, immature, individual too used to getting his own way, but he's a United player, so what do you expect? You seen Fergie's reaction when things don't go his way?

      Rooney's ban was shortened for many reasons, one of those was due to Dzudovic asking for the ban to be reduced, Rooney admitted guilt and apologised profusely and he left the field without contesting the issue. The relative punishment, Rooney missing 3/4 games in a cup tournament, represents a considerable percentage of the games. The crime didn't suit the punishment.

      Balotelli's stamp, could have caused serious prolonged injury, he knew what he was doing and he tried to stamp on the back of Parkers head/neck! Surely you could not condone Balotelli's actions Vito? and surely you agree he deserves to be banned for his actions?

      I cannot tell you how disappointed I am with Mario, he was one of my favourite non Spurs players, entertaining, amusing, superbly talented and he has a great 'story'. It will take some time before his actions can be forgiven.