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    The - I'm a Dope Defense

    Not sure about the latest revelations about our Barrow Boy...that he's illiterate, or close to it. Not outside the realm of possiblity (happens a lot here in the US, and what makes it worse here is that most athletes go through the college ranks before turning pro...and some even have degrees...and can't read or write!

    Anyway...as an illiterate, would you be trying to buy a football club (Oxford Utd)? Sounds a bit sstrange to me.

    I'm waiting to see how this plays out...he either is or he ain't (guilty)...ignorance of the law is not an excuse...well, it isn't over here anyway ;-)

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    • Its certainly endemic John. There are HUGE numbers of youngsters who don't want to work and don't need to work. The fact that they are virtually unemployable anyway is almost irrelevant.

      Who started it, the Tories or Labour, is also irrelevant although I blame the soft leftie Labour plonkers for making it a whole lot worse with their trendy teaching methods and "there are no losers" attitudes and Union backed notions of not being able to sack completely incompetent teachers.

      The fact is I see nearly every day youngsters with the most appalling attitude towards work. They do really prefer to sit around at their parents expensed homes playing on their parents paid for PC's waiting for their parents to die so that they can inherit the family home so that they can buy loads of dope and buy the latest game so that they can sit around even more and play with their PC's.

      Actually earning a living and having to pay for anything themselves is a complete non starter to most of them. They have no sense of pride or self worth. Why should they? They have been told so many times by their parents and by their soppy left wing teachers that they deserve more they now wholeheartedly believe it because its a lot bloody easier than going out to work isn't it.

      And before anybody says I am talking b0ll0x, I invite them to come to my office and sit in on a few of the interviews with some of these "job seekers". That is assuming that we can actually get any of them to get out of bed and come into our office of course.

      This is what they will see. The "Job Seeker" will arrive late and offer no apology. They will not engage in any conversation with the very polite Receptionist and only partially complete the legally required forms that they are asked to fill in and they will have forgotten to bring the documents we have reminded them several times they need to bring. Once in the interview room the interviewer will see someone with greasy hair covering most of the face and pierced lips and/or nose. The "Job Seeker" will sit slumped in the chair with roller park clothes and only respond to any question with one syllable answers and even then, only if they have to. When asked what sort of job they are looking for they will shrug their shoulders. When the vacancy starting at 8.30am every morning is mentioned they will point out that they do not like getting up that early. The vacancy that requires working outside is "not right" and the one that is in an office would be "boring". The one paying £1.00 more than the National Minimum Wage per hour is "not worth getting out of bed for" and the one that requires working one Saturday in 4 is out of the question because it would interfere with rock band practice.

      I could give you so many examples it would drive you insane.....as it clearly has me!!

    • I know this is nowt to do with football (apart from 'arry's statement), .....
      Don't you think it's become endemic though Sfer - almost apolitical? People seem to revel in the fact that they're 'lazy'. They'll learn the words to all their favourite pop stars songs, but ask them to remember the times tables up to 10, and that's impossible. They'll know and understand all the rules to warcraft III, but can't follow a simple procedure. It's all but selective inability.

      I'm not elitist either, my dad was a lorry driver and my mum a dinner lady and I lived all my early life on a council estate and met some great people and had great friends. But my parents attitude was to 'try'. Nothing fails but a try. You can achieve anything you want if you try - aspire to higher things. It seems like a million years ago now with the way it's all changed.

      I heard about a lass last week who wrote to Oxford Uni, rejecting them and saying how intimidating the whole interview process was. It must be me - the lass had got to the point of an interview with one of the top Uni's in the world with a heritage and tradition that goes back centuries. Of course it was intimidating. It seemed that her ego just couldn't take being rejected by them, so got in first.

      PS have you heard about the new £900,000 bonus for the current RBS boss? I don't dispute he's doing a good job, but haven't they learnt? Surely Fred Goodwin appeared to be doing a good job when he grew RBS from a local bank to an international bank - but doesn't time tell? So, even if the bloke is worth £900,000, why on earth pay him that now? Give it to him in 10 years time, if he's policies still look as affective.

    • H - failed his 11+ when he was 35

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      • Its looking like the question is - did his accountant know about the Monaco account and how much was in it? and if so then they should have made sure any tax owing on that amount was paid and if they didn't do that it was their fault.

        If they didn't know about it then how could they account for it?

        According to Arry they did know about it but strange we have not heard that confirmed by the accountant yet. Also, Arry is using the old "its such a small amount why would I bother" ruse and that may have some weight. He is rich enough to not worry about 30 grand but then again if we had the chance to not pay £10 VAT on a bill would we take that chance?? Yes of course we would.

        If he can prove the accountant knew about the money in Monaco and that they mucked up he stands a chance of getting away with it. Even if they find him guilty he can sue the accountant for being incompetent.

        The fact still remains he went out of his way to fly out to Monaco and set up an account in a made up name. Why would he do that unless he had some sort of intention to use it for stashing some money he wanted to keep out of view? Not that thick is he????

    • No it's no excuse, but it may go a long way to explain why he's been so adamant about his innocence. Obviously his lack of academic skills haven't held him back in his ability to get the best out of players and create good football playing 'teams'.

      I think, whether we're literate or not, that we've all done what he's claiming. You see a set of T&C's and who bothers reading them - you just tick the box that says you have....you get a text return and you fill it out without fully understanding what you're supposed to fill oyt and which bits you're not - who reads the 'explanatory' booklet that comes with it? IMHO it's not always about literacy - even being literate doesn't mean that 'form' speak doesn't throw most people.
      I bet 'arry gets his tax return completed by his accountant with a couple of pencil marks to tell 'arry where to sign and date. Obviously, he should have declared all his earning to the accountant anyway. But so far 'arry seems adamant that they all knew about his off shore accounts - so maybe his mistake was to 'assume'. On the other had he may simply be a devious git and knew he was fiddling all along (but if that is the case I'm a bit lost as to why he has gone to court, as the evidence of the offshore account alone looks damming enough).
      Who knows?