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  • Sfer Sfer Jan 27, 2012 09:44 Flag

    The - I'm a Dope Defense

    Rambro - having worked in the recruitment industry for the last 23 years I can confirm I regularly see Graduates here that cannot spell even simple words let alone construct sensible sentences.

    School leavers often claim to have several GSCE's, including English, but then send in CV's that are written in text speak - I kid ye not!!! I had one that was two pages long and did not contain one vowel or punctuation mark!

    Unyet Schools and the last Labour Govt. (this one has started to be honest about the problem at least) continue to claim that the system has not been dumbed down in order to prove that we have an ever better education system - the facts speak for themselves. I have started to notice more and more reports in the national press of large employers reporting that they cannot find school leavers that can spell so hopefully the truth is starting to come out but what have we done to our kids in the name of socialism????

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    • I think the 'dumbing down' of our education system started under the prior Conservative government myself, but there you go.

      They really are all as bad as each other IMO.

    • Sfer,
      I thought the dumbing down started with Thatcher (and I'm a loose 'conservative' although I don't really have a fixed political view). I seriously though that they had seen the world trends and were trying to create a cheap labour force (with a highly educated middle/upper class) to attract business back to the UK.
      But it looks as though the dumbing down just gained a momentum of its own - with the poor sods revelling in the mind numbing crap that's thrown at them as either 'must haves' or entertainment.

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      • It may well have done John but I doubt they expected it to get as bad as it has and that Labour would encourage it in order to be able to show off ever better results!

        Forget that the kids actually can't spell or that they are not equipped to get a job, at least they can point at the stats and say more and more kids are passing more and more exams at higher and higher grades. Pathetic and downright criminal.

        Add that to the appalling attitude of many youngsters who have been told that they don't have to take any old job and that they deserve to earn £Xx pounds an hour by their over protective parents or social workers and we have a recipe for disaster.

        Every time some little scrote on TV says "I can't find a job" I want to scream - come and see me and I will get you a bloody job - the only problem is they would only last 5 minutes because they would get bored by then and leave to go home to Mummy who would molly coddle them and suggest they get back to bed and play on their X box, whatever that is!!.