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  • Jlock Jlock Jan 27, 2012 11:05 Flag

    The - I'm a Dope Defense

    I know this is nowt to do with football (apart from 'arry's statement), .....
    Don't you think it's become endemic though Sfer - almost apolitical? People seem to revel in the fact that they're 'lazy'. They'll learn the words to all their favourite pop stars songs, but ask them to remember the times tables up to 10, and that's impossible. They'll know and understand all the rules to warcraft III, but can't follow a simple procedure. It's all but selective inability.

    I'm not elitist either, my dad was a lorry driver and my mum a dinner lady and I lived all my early life on a council estate and met some great people and had great friends. But my parents attitude was to 'try'. Nothing fails but a try. You can achieve anything you want if you try - aspire to higher things. It seems like a million years ago now with the way it's all changed.

    I heard about a lass last week who wrote to Oxford Uni, rejecting them and saying how intimidating the whole interview process was. It must be me - the lass had got to the point of an interview with one of the top Uni's in the world with a heritage and tradition that goes back centuries. Of course it was intimidating. It seemed that her ego just couldn't take being rejected by them, so got in first.

    PS have you heard about the new £900,000 bonus for the current RBS boss? I don't dispute he's doing a good job, but haven't they learnt? Surely Fred Goodwin appeared to be doing a good job when he grew RBS from a local bank to an international bank - but doesn't time tell? So, even if the bloke is worth £900,000, why on earth pay him that now? Give it to him in 10 years time, if he's policies still look as affective.