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  • Sfer Sfer Jan 27, 2012 14:59 Flag

    The - I'm a Dope Defense

    Its certainly endemic John. There are HUGE numbers of youngsters who don't want to work and don't need to work. The fact that they are virtually unemployable anyway is almost irrelevant.

    Who started it, the Tories or Labour, is also irrelevant although I blame the soft leftie Labour plonkers for making it a whole lot worse with their trendy teaching methods and "there are no losers" attitudes and Union backed notions of not being able to sack completely incompetent teachers.

    The fact is I see nearly every day youngsters with the most appalling attitude towards work. They do really prefer to sit around at their parents expensed homes playing on their parents paid for PC's waiting for their parents to die so that they can inherit the family home so that they can buy loads of dope and buy the latest game so that they can sit around even more and play with their PC's.

    Actually earning a living and having to pay for anything themselves is a complete non starter to most of them. They have no sense of pride or self worth. Why should they? They have been told so many times by their parents and by their soppy left wing teachers that they deserve more they now wholeheartedly believe it because its a lot bloody easier than going out to work isn't it.

    And before anybody says I am talking b0ll0x, I invite them to come to my office and sit in on a few of the interviews with some of these "job seekers". That is assuming that we can actually get any of them to get out of bed and come into our office of course.

    This is what they will see. The "Job Seeker" will arrive late and offer no apology. They will not engage in any conversation with the very polite Receptionist and only partially complete the legally required forms that they are asked to fill in and they will have forgotten to bring the documents we have reminded them several times they need to bring. Once in the interview room the interviewer will see someone with greasy hair covering most of the face and pierced lips and/or nose. The "Job Seeker" will sit slumped in the chair with roller park clothes and only respond to any question with one syllable answers and even then, only if they have to. When asked what sort of job they are looking for they will shrug their shoulders. When the vacancy starting at 8.30am every morning is mentioned they will point out that they do not like getting up that early. The vacancy that requires working outside is "not right" and the one that is in an office would be "boring". The one paying £1.00 more than the National Minimum Wage per hour is "not worth getting out of bed for" and the one that requires working one Saturday in 4 is out of the question because it would interfere with rock band practice.

    I could give you so many examples it would drive you insane.....as it clearly has me!!