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  • Sfer Sfer Feb 1, 2012 13:54 Flag

    St Rectum Day

    According to my calculations, St Rectum Day (the day that Ar$e are unable to catch us in the PL) will fall on April 13th.

    Ar$e are at home to Wigan that day but even a win will not be enough. Oh what a joyous day that will be. A few glorious weeks of pi$$ taking, Ar$e fans at each others throats calling for Whingers head, Van Persie putting in a written transfer request and finally, Whinger being sacked only to be replaced by Juan Ramos...Perfect!!

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    • yes phil spot on. Wheres your boyfriend essex yid?

    • April 13th is upon us but me thinks you need to get a refund and take your calculator back. lmao.

    • "P.S. Fab, who in your opinion has been the goons best defender this season? IMO its Koscielny, surprisingly"

      well its not the german peter crouch, thats for sure!

      i think what fab is saying is that we are equal now despite arsenal not having their 2nd best player (wilshire) for pretty much all season. as well as a load of defenders out at the same time.

    • I agree with Fabs comment regarding QPR they were just more 'up for it', they are in a relegation battle and sometimes that can be enough for teams to pull out a big performance.

      I hope our lads aren't counting their chickens, we have 7 games left, 4 of which are against teams in a relegation battle! Wounded animals fight! Sunderland are playing like a team possessed and Fulham have the potential to cause an upset.

      Fab, surely the fact we are level on points and are separated by 1 goal difference suggest we are 'equal to arsenal'? Finishing above your goons is NOT the be all and end all for me, it'd be nice, but the priority for me is that we continue to play beautiful football. I wouldn't swap our brand of football for yours at the moment, neither would most neutrals, I suspect.

      With more 'favourable fate' we would have been playing CL football in the 09-10 season, remember Mendes's disallowed Goal against Manure? I thinks most teams have an example of 'if fate had been more favourable'.

      I have a healthy respect for Wenger, but surely it is part of his job to replace players like Cesc, Nasri if they are leaving? neither transfer was surprise was it? both recieved heavy media coverage and IMO not replacing them with players of a similar standard (I admit that would be very hard in Cesc's case) was a big mistake on his part (or whoever is in charge of transfers), however I'm sure there are reasons why he didn't/couldn't.

      It will be an interesting and stressful end to the season, no doubt!


      P.S. Fab, who in your opinion has been the goons best defender this season? IMO its Koscielny, surprisingly.

    • "Spurs have their best team for 25 years, Arsenal their worst for nearly 20."

      Think about it.

      I rest my case.

    • The loss to QPR wasn't about 'luck' but more about the Hoops being more up for the game than Arsenal unfortunately. The Arsenal lads took their foot off the gas, thinking the job was done which is what i have been afraid of.

      I think what people have to remember about this Arsenal side is that they lost arguably their three best midfielders this season in Nasri, Fabregas and Wilshere, yet still remain competitive at the top of the Prem.

      I believe Spurs have a good side, play some good football too. Do i believe they are better or equal to Arsenal? No, quite simply.

      Wenger can stay for as long as he can pick a team as far as i am concerned. To compete against the mega rich clubs of this league on half the funds is genius and though he may not have lifted silverware in recent times i KNOW that with just the slightest twist of more favourable fate, he could so easily have been rolling in silverware and applauded by even those who choose to deride the great man these days.

      I have always said the run in between Arsenal/Spurs will be close and tense. It can easily go either way.

      Make the most of good fortune this season. This is an understrength Arsenal side, merely showing glimmers of greatness. Next season, all being well, the glimmer will have more permanence.

      Sit back and enjoy Sfer.

    • Last month the guardian clockwatch said "Spurs have their best team for 25 years, Arsenal their worst for nearly 20. Surely Spurs couldn't Spurs this and finish below Arsenal, couldn't they?" http://m.guardian.co.uk/football/2012/mar/03/saturday-football-clockwatch-premier-league?cat=football&type=article

      A week or two ago I had to message my brother (who pointed this out to me) and admit I thought we'd Spursed it; now I reckon the ball's in our court - this season's coming to a dramatic end, and that's where we excel!

      Bring it on!

    • What were you saying about Arse showing who is the best team in London? The reality is the little run you had was littered with good luck and 1 -0 wins and it ran out against QPR.

      Hopefully the reverse happened for us and the bad luck we have been having has turned around. Of course, as always, time will tell but I know I would rather have our run in than yours Fab.

      The good news for you is it looks like you will get CL next year which means Whinger will hang around for another year but unfortunately yet another trophyless year and a summer of speculation about where RVP might go.

      Not a great year you have to admit. Whereas we still have something to look forward to - for a while at least.

    • Mmmmm... do you LIKE a SAILOR BOY?

      Or any type of UNIFORM?

      You seem very CAMP!

      Much Love xxx

    • Good luck with that Christopher.

      The Navy Seal outfit not working for you then?

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