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    Dirty players at the Lane.

    This should get some replies from other supporters!!!!
    Can anybody remember any nasty, dirty players at the Lane. Yes we had Dave Mackay but I thought he was just really strong in the challenge. Wasn't a moaner if he got caught either, apart from the memorable Bremner shirt lift. lol
    I know my memory isn't that good but I can't recall anyone having a broken leg or the ilk from his tackles.Although I think his was broken twice. I suppose Scotty Parker is the nearest we have to one at the moment. Not saying he's dirty but he's a hard tackler and doesn't moan when he's taken out either.
    No-one like a Norman Hunter, Johnny Giles, Chopper Harris et al who didn't worry if they didn't connect with the ball as long as they did the man.
    When Greavsy was at WHL he used to ride tackles, similar to Messi nowadays, Modric is good too but that seems to be a lost ability in the main. Players go to ground far too easily, as has been said on another thread, even when not touched.
    Just thought I'd start a thread and see what other fans thought.

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    • Not many real hard men in the game now,but a lot of sly players who will leave a leg in etc.The sixties and seventies had an abundance of hard players every team had at least one or two,you needed them,but after that foreign ways started creeping in,over the top etc etc.call it sly and dirty and certainly intent.

    • LTS, Cyril (nice one) had a bit of a reputation for tough sliding tackles...man, ball and advertising boards everywhere! Phil Beal used to give away free kicks, and Mike England used to draw chants of "Animal!" from some of the more unenlightened opposition fans! But I don't remember anyone actually being put out of the game by any of the players. The likes of Greavsie and Best, Charlie Cooke, Peter Thompson, Rodney Marsh would have been even greater in today's tackle-free climate, if they were fit enough that is. But the way those guys used to ride the lunges and assaults and still come up with the ball! God I miss the sixties!

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      • Michael Brown!

        Also for the older heads, does anyone remember a clash (coming together) between hard man Tommy Smith and our CF Martin Chivers - Tommy was out for about 3-4 weeks after that (of course Chivers was not a dirty player, but he could put himself about a bit when needed).

      • Cyril was a gent, with whom I spent an evening at a party one weekend way back. Really nice fella bit different on the pitch mind you. Never would have classed him alongside the other nasty players of that time. Don't remember Phil Beal being quick enough to catch anyone and Mike England was one of the best CBs to play for Spurs.
        Can only agree with you on those players ability to ride tackles and imagine they would seem to be even better in today's non-touch game. Yes the 60's were special, even more so for a Spurs fan!!

    • players like ruddock , zokora, tarrico and fruend could all tackle but i dont think there has ever been a player i would call a dirty player. no one like roy keane or vinny jones.

      i think the tradition of playing good football has always meant we have footballers and not thugs. i coul dbe wrong but i cant think of any one thats ever played that was a dirty player.