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  • ed ed Feb 8, 2012 23:25 Flag

    A Poisoned Chalice

    Don't sup from it 'Arry, it will kill you in the end.

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    • I fully agree. As a club manager, you can pick your personnel. Spurs seem to have a well bonded squad which is clearly going somewhere. It would be a shame if he gives this up.

      As England manager there is a public demand to pick some players. I have no doubt Redknapp will go in there having the players respect. However, things can soon change when you are dealing with overpaid superstars.

      The Rooney's etc will do their usual stuff and get sent off/miss penalties/not perform in the big games. Its inevitable. I've seen it tournament after tournament. I hate to sound negative, but England have no chance of winning the Euro's.

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      • It's a poisoned chalice because you can go from being one of the world's best managers to the world's worst in the space of a tournament. Ridiculed and taunted by the press - ask Taylor and McLaren - and shunned by the public. It can also mess your head up..ask Keegan! I don't want any of that for our Harry, so if he does it, I truly hope he is successful, for his sake as much as for the nation. The pressure from the weight of expectation from this Harry-mania would be too much too bare for lesser mortals!

      • Think he'll be picking the family members too? Frank Lampard.

        IMHO he'll be silly to take the England job even if it pays double his wage at Spurs. As has been said it's a PC. The press hound you and always can pick a better/different team that would have done better. No matter who he takes to Euro2012 unless he wins it he'll be savaged for not taking so and so or that other player and shouldn't have played 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 or 4-5-1. Whatever he does will be wrong.
        The last 5 years will probably seem a breeze in comparison.