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  • Jlock Jlock Feb 11, 2012 09:18 Flag

    Steal the march

    Not sure if that's the correct expression, but today is one of those days where if it goes right, we can open the gap on all the rivals below.
    With the Scousers at Utd, Woolwich at Sunderland and the Chavs at Everton, I think each of those would be hard pressed to get 3 points - and I can see all of them ending up with 0. So if we can get the 3pts against Toon then this dodgy run of games looks a bit more palatable.

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    • Tell you what's really exciting; we keep saying "in our current form", but - August aside - it's not dramatically dipped all season. "Our current form" seems to be... Just our form. And it's pretty blooming good.


    • We go round in circles though SB, as I think 'arry should be getting the players to believe they can win it. His comments (from recollection) were (paraphrased) '....if we carry on playing the way we are, we could win it....' - after a good run (when I think we had the best performance record in the league - so he was just stating 'the obvious''. And still while it's not a mathematical impossibility, there's still a chance.
      So you'll believe what you want to and others will believe there's still a chance we can do it. Just opinions and guesses.
      Me? I care not either way. I just like us playing good football - and I'd like to see us play the best teams - so CL football would be good - anything more that 'arry, the board and the squad delivers is just a bonus and even if we don't get CL, it's been a bloody good ride so far.

    • i hope ur right john , but i think its a 100% certain that harry is going. theres nothing to suggest he would stay.

    • chelsea & arsenal away could be tricky for harry in terms of what to go for. because like u say, a draw would be fine for us as the gap remains the same. but we also very capable of winning both games.

      i guess if we are drawing and theres not long left, i can see why we should probably just shut up shop and take the pt.

      "that's close to or CL football standard - and that's what we (IMHO) have been progressing steadily towards for a while now."

      i agree john, but many on here wouldnt take that. many think we are still going to challenge for the title & wouldnt take 4th if it was offered.

      also, if u are so positive than surely u think we can win the title?

    • It's a glass half empty thing though isn't it? You can either look on the positive of negative side.
      All the top clubs at some point 'weren't' - the only way they got to be a top club was by improving the way they play. They then end up believing that they're better - which fuels their will to win.

      To me, and it's just one way of looking at life, I prefer to look and see the positive where possible.

      Fine, there are always potentially 'harder' and 'easier' games BUT as it stands at the moment, the Scousers, Chavs and Woolwich all have far more to lose than we do. They need the 3 points at home to catch up.

      As for 'beating' all the top 4 - I'm not saying that we have to. To me, if we could go a season winning the homes and drawing the aways (give or take), then that's close to or CL football standard - and that's what we (IMHO) have been progressing steadily towards for a while now.

      If we draw away at Woolwich and the Chavs, that is still stealing 2 points from them - as they will be looking to win at home.

    • Nearly the 'perfect storm'. I thought at one point that the Woolwich bunch were going to lose as well.With the Scousers set to play Woolwich in a couple of weeks and with the Chavs still shooting themselves in the foot, we may end up in the run in (last month - six weeks) with a 10 point gap still.