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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Feb 11, 2012 16:33 Flag

    Protection from referees

    Ah come on! I thought that might stir some consternation on a match day! Is it too long? Has that stopped you?


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    • iv had a quick look but personally i think why the hell should refs protect players more, when players treat refs so badly.

      protection for refs i say!

      how can u expect a ref to stop verbal abuse when the players constantly give him verbal abuse & are all cheating, diving, faking injury, whinging etc.

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      • Because they're the figure of authority and it's their job to hold up fair play, and it's a legal issue. I'm not saying the way their treated is always right, but they have the tools at their disposal to control that (i.e. red cards and permission to use them).

        Teachers get abused routinely, but they're still expected to act when an abusive child gets abused. Because they're in a position of authority and have the ability to act.

        In any normal workplace you'd be obliged to act, and it worries me that it's ignored. It doesn't encourage playing in the right manner does it?