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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Feb 12, 2012 01:05 Flag

    Tottenham 5 Newcastle 0

    Should I take this one with a grain of salt, I mean Newcastle had some key players missing in the middle...NAW!! You play against who's in front of you, and the lads did a cracking job. I thought Pardew was taking the piss a bit going with a 4-4-2 at our place, although he does have what could turn out to be a formidable front pairing for the future...but not on this day.

    Funny as I watched the Adebayor to Saha show unfolding before my eyes I thought to myself "and there goes Defoe...and probably VDV. After year after year of the little and large show up front, who'd have thought that the large and larger was the way to go (yes, only one game, but when you've got two players who can hold the ball up the way those two can it's going to make for a torrid time for any defense.

    As it went Defoe made a good account of himself when he came on, laying off balls sending low crosses through the 6-yard box and such. It'd be great if we could keep all our current forwards and keep them healthy (Alas, Ade's wages will see him go through the exit door). Speaking of Adebayor...what a display today, absolutely took the game by the scruff of the neck and shook the life into it.
    Parker as always, full of industry. Krancjar was probably the biggest recipient of the absence of Tiote, he still dwells on the ball a little too long for my liking, but he scored one and should have had another, so not too fussed (after all tiote wasn't playing was he hah!).

    King and Daws my favourite CB pairing were rock solid. Friedel made but one error from what i could see (and errant throw). Our other new boy got on the pitch and didn't really have much to do, but its good to know we have more CB cover if needed.

    Sfer's mate BAE did a decent job and the opening goal was not as easy as it may have looked, angle was a bit tight, but he took it without hesitation (wasted a free-kick later on though). And I haven't heard our crowd sound that vociferous and into it in a long time, definite 12th man there. (and i wish i was there!).

    Good game...I'll watch it again if the Fox Soccer Channel replays it tonight.

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    • Hahaha Nice one wugga

    • Harry Redknapp was asked about the Euros in Poland.

      His reply " How the fuck did ye find ou about that account?!"

    • Shakira attacked by a Sea Lion.. early reports show that it could attack again whenever, wherever

    • an Harry Redknapp be trusted if he get's the England job ?,

      He'll probably try to sell Rooney to Scotland for £40 Million.

    • Oh your stinging wit really hurts Wugger.

      Single - ouch! no very happily married but I don't want to rub that in as I know jealousy can be a horrible trait.

      Fat - wrong again. Slimish actually. Could probably do with losing half a stone but no rush.

      Horny - wow you know how to hurt don't you??? well yes I can be when the time is right and my wife is around. I know that sounds daft to someone that only needs a snickers bar and a rubber glove to feel aroused but hey what I can I say - normality rocks!

      Oh and the latest attempt at humour.....why did you even bother?? I can't imagine even small children finding that remotely funny. Are you an out of work script writer from El Dorado? Work with Little & Large did we? The Krankies right hand man on tour in the Shetlands were we?

      Go on, post another one...please...we are all waiting with baited breathe....honest.

    • I was at Spurs last week. The bloke next to me called me a cunt.
      I was going to punch his lights out. But I couldn't be bothered walking round the pitch.

    • Morning Rambro, all that and not a single mention of Bale.
      No criticism just shows we have more than just the one who get's all the praise nearly every game!!!
      Really played as a team yesterday, wonder whether it was trying to tell Harry how god he's made us and that he should stay?? The crowd certainly did!!!

      • 2 Replies to longtimespur
      • Totally unintentional lts...Bale was all over the place yesterday (I've asked this question before...what is up with all that...he's not just a left-winger anymore is he. Baley had a good game, should have had himself on the score sheet too...truth be told we could have gone one better than that thrashing we gave Wigan a few seasons back (the one better is the clean sheet). Of course this was a resurgent Newcastle, not a floundering Wigan, so 5 goals for and none against was probably a better feat.
        Now, who else didn't I mention...Lennon...not much going on, the usual thing happened to him when he gets to run away from someone (he gets tripped up).

        Just finished watching the Villa v City match and wondered if anything went through the minds of the ex-Spurs players on show (Bent, Keane, Hutton)...bet O'Hara wishes he stayed after todays result (1-5 stings as we know from earlier this season).

        Well, if I forgot anyone, it was not intentional.

        SB - No way I'm challenging for your crown was that a self-anointment? ;-)
        As for spelling - I can spell...I just can't type...oh alright, I can't spell either...I blame a lot of it on living in the US where some common words are spelled differently, and if I never came across them before I left the UK, then I naturally adopted the US spelling (I know, I know...it was just a wind-up, but I'm anal..and easily wound up, hence the explanation where none was needed).

        End of the weekend - nothing changed for us. One weekend (or mid-week) we'll capitalize on any slip ups by either of the Manchester teams (rather than just do what they did when we have a chance to gain ground on them)...still, the view looks pretty nice from where we sit, so I'm not complaining.

        Klinsman...Hiddink...names are starting to get thrown out there...hey, instead of Guiradiola taking Bale from us, how about him coming here (and he can bring that kid Messi with him) - he'd be welcomed with open arms...LOL

      • rambro, if u want to make match review crown then u have to waffle on for at least 3 more paragraphs! also, your spelling is about to over the top (correct).

        agreed with most of what u said. i was honestly expecting a tight game. best performance in ages.

        although i wouldnt look too deeply into it because newcastle were awful! if we play against a more organised defence we get games like liverpool a few days ago & wolves a few wks back.

        but u couldnt fault the performance. i kind of like it when bale is quiet yet we still play so well and score lots. i also spotted that they tryed to double up on bale which left more roon everywhere else. we dont usually exploit it as much as we did yesterday.

        ade was outstanding, shame he going at the end of the season.

        saha played well too. it shows what he can do & even when saha doesnt score he is always hard to play against & very lively.

        i still think its the vdv role that stops us scoring as many as we can. it leaves ade isolated. look at some of the goals he set up.
        usually there would be no one in the box to put it into coz vdv is still on the half way line after taking the ball off the CB for some strange reason.

        4-4-2 with ade & saha or ade & defoe will mean a lot more goals. ade & defoe already link up well & now we know saha & ade too do. its good to have competition. vdv does a very good job in the 4-4-1-1 system.

        i guess its not an easy decision especially in modern football where the in thing is to have just 1 striker. maybe if we played 4-4-2 in other games, we would rarely get the ball because we are out numbered in midfield & it wouldnt work.

        tough calls to make. if it was up to me, in the home games against lower teams id automatically choose 4-4-2 with ade & either saha or defoe (id still go with defoe). maybe in the tougher games we need to be a bit more conservative & play vdv & ade.

        i also thought defoe did well when he came on. in the last yr his work rate, link up play, ability to hold up the ball has improved so much..